For Canadian homeschooling families

Bible Nuggets from A to Z Activity Book

Author: Amber Bennett

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press

Item #: K197

Pages: 89

Class: Softcover

Price: $15.95

The Bible Nuggets from A to Z Activity Book is designed to complement the companion storybook. This Activity Book will help reinforce the preschoolers knowledge of each Bible story; this book contains fun activities for each of the thirty-four lessons in the storybook. Each activity also can be easily removed from the book before the child begins his work.

These activities utilize preschool appropriate skills such as cutting, pasting, coloring, and tracing. Most activities consist of coloring pictures that relate to the Bible lesson; however, there are activities that require the student to color, cut out, and glue the individual parts together.

This Bible Nuggets course seeks to plant the truth of Gods Word deeply in the hearts and minds of preschoolers so they may better learn to love and obey God.