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Historical Atlas of the World

Publisher: Rand McNally

Item #: J219

Pages: 112

Class: Paperback

Price: $15.95

The Historical Atlas of the World presents important periods and turning points in 5,000 years of world history in over 100 pages of thematic maps.

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Atlas features:

-2015 copyright updated to include recent world events like the Arab Spring & changes in U.S. relations with Cuba
-Presents major periods of world history through more than 100 bold, colorful maps
-Thematic maps include literacy, languages, religions, and more
-Includes a section on benefits of using the atlas
-112 pages, paperback, 8" x 10"

Teacher's Guide features:

-Detailed introductions that provide a historical context for each map in the atlas
-Clearly defined learning objectives
-Innovative ideas for cross-curricular teaching
-Suggested assessment tools
-64 reproducible student activity worksheets
-26 reproducible outline maps