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Classic Bible Storybook

Author: Kenneth Taylor

Item #: K257

Pages: 288

Class: Hardcover

Price: $19.95

A nostalgic collection of more than 120 Bible stories and art taken from Taylor's Bible Story Book and The Living Bible Story Book. The Classic Bible Storybook presents the truths of the Bible in language that is understandable to kids. The illustrations are realistic and will capture the imaginations of both young and old. The stories sound like they are being told by a kind grandfather to his grandchildren. Each story has 3 or 4 comprehension questions to help children's understanding of Biblical concepts. Reading/hearing these stories will help young ones love stories of the Bible and may help adults fall in love again with God's Word.

About the author: Kenneth N. Taylor is best known as the translator of The Living Bible and founder of Tyndale House Publishers, but his first renown was as a writer of childrens books. Dr. Taylor and his wife Margaret raised 10 children, and his early books were written for use in the familys daily devotions. The manuscripts were ready for publication only when they passed the scrutiny of those ten critics. Dr. Taylors books have been read to three generations around the world and have shaped the faith of many believers. All of his work pointed to his mission: to help all people understand the Word of God and experience its power at work in their lives. Dr. Taylor believed that it was important for the illustrations in his books to make the words come to life. Just as the words were easy for children to understand, so were the illustrations. He especially appreciated Richard and Frances Hook for their realistic, accurate portrayal of biblical scenes along with sweet pictures of children. Their illustrations, along with Dr. Taylors stories, can easily form the basis for many lively family discussions about the Bible.