For Canadian homeschooling families

Digging Into Diagramming

Author: Tamela Davis

Item #: C697

Pages: 142

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $24.95

This book was written as a result of numerous
requests from our customers. It has been
determined that many students find it easier to
understand the mechanics of grammar by focusing
on diagramming sentences while learning basic
grammar concepts.
There are 41 lessons in this sentence diagramming
book. Each lesson contains sentence diagramming
instruction as well as sentence diagramming
problems to be completed by the student.
This book starts with basic sentence diagramming
and progresses through more difficult sentence
diagramming concepts.
This program is intended to be used as a
supplement to the entire Growing With Grammar
program (Levels 3 - 8). As the student progresses
through Growing With Grammar the student will also progress through more difficult sentence
diagramming concepts.