For Canadian homeschooling families

Personal Help for Girls

Publisher: Pearlables

Item #: B848

Level: Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

Class: Paperback

Price: $30.95

Finally, a book written for young daughters who will someday be tomorrow's mothers! Personal Help for Girls is written for young girls, starting at the early age of nine, to help instill Biblical feminine traits of Christian girlhood! This book is a must for those of you who are wanting to instill beliefs of chastity, purity, graciousness, kindness, femininity and other important feminine virtues! It contains wisdom on: - Girls Become Women - True Beauty - The Feminine Personality - Outward Femininity - What Kind of Woman Will you Be? - Refusing to Dominate - True Femininity and Manners - Being Feminine in Writing - How Does a Feminine Girl Speak? - Feminine Christian Character - Modesty and Keeping Chaste - Being Virtuous - Taking Care of God's Temple, Your Physical Form - Eating for Health, Not Pleasure - Hygiene - A Feminine Girl in the Family - Father is the Head of the Home - When Quarrels Happen - True Femininity and Manners - The True Love Chapter - The Need for Christ in Our Lives - The Need for Godly Fellowship - Relationship With God - Standing Boldly, But Femininely, For What you Believe - The Capable Girl - Friendships - Learning How to Converse with Others - Laziness ? Woman?s Work - Your Feminine Duties in Life - Homemaking skills ? Hospitality