For Canadian homeschooling families

Easy Spanish

Author: Marie Filion

Item #: F405

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $139.95

* Phonetic, incremental, conversational Spanish & high frequency words
* Spanish Scripture, songs, games and coloring pages
* Great for homeschool co-op groups
* Digitally mastered enhanced CD for audio and computer
* Printable activity sheets: no purchasing consumable activity books or photocopying.
* Teaches language and grammar through literature based entertaining storylines
* Does not require prior knowledge of Spanish
* Set outline of skills per quarter
* 3 year program for younger students
* 1 to 2 year program for older students and 1 year Fast track option for teens
* Cultural flavor of Mexico and South America with optional projects
* Use of Tomatis and SAMONAS sound theories to facilitate learning
* Follows Charlotte Mason Method, Bloom's Taxonomy and high order theories by Dr. Jeanne Chall
* Edited by and featuring the recorded voices of Native Spanish Speakers from Nicaragua and Venezuela