For Canadian homeschooling families

Managers of Their Schools(New Edition)

Author: Teri Maxwell, Steve Maxwell

Item #: A169

Class: Paperback

Price: $27.95

Have you ever wanted to sit down with an experienced homeschooling couple and ask them every question you could think of about homeschooling? Managers of Their Schools: A Practical Guide to Homeschooling is the next best thing. With eight children and twenty-three years as a homeschooling family, Steve and Teri share their answers to the questions they are frequently asked.

This book is filled with practical information regarding how one family homeschools, what they use, why they do what they do, and how it all works for them. Details of homeschooling in a real-life family are set down, from how they make curricula decisions to whether their children take tests.

After spending their first twelve years searching for a homeschool method that met their Scriptural and educational criteria, they finally began using Christian textbooks and have never wanted to change direction again. In this book, Steve and Teri share the benefits their family has gained from using textbooks, and they refute the reasons many will say homeschoolers should not use textbooks.

There is a chapter written by their four adult children sharing some of their homeschool thoughts, particularly with regard to using Christian textbooks. One of the chapters is directed specifically to dads and another one to moms. The appendix of Managers of Their Schools includes ten of their school schedules, several assignment sheets, a listing of the school curricula and resources they use, plus coupon codes for discounts on some of them, and their reading criteria.

Whether or not you use the same method to home educate as they do, you will find a wealth of tried-and-true, daily-life homeschool information. Make your homeschooling journey that much easier, more efficient, and more joyful by learning from a family who has already walked the path.

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