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Canada, Our Story - Study Guide to the Story Of Canada

Author: Vince Marguis

Publisher: Other

Item #: J461

Pages: 79

Level: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Paperback

Price: $49.95

This guide contains eleven lessons, or units, built around the chapters of The Story of Canada, 2016 edition. This is a survey history of Canada not designed specifically as a classroom textbook, but as a book to be read as a sort of biography of Canada. The Story of Canada contains no questions or assignments.

The study guide, however, provides a guide to each chapter, or unit, with key vocabulary to learn, a summary of the chapter's contents with a commentary which often offers a Christian perspective on the period and issues in question, and a number of suggested supplementary activities to further interact with the information and details of interest to the user. The back of the study guide contains answers to the Study Guide questions.

The supplementary resources are only a short sampling of what is available to the interested student willing to do some research and exploration. Overall, you will find The Story of Canada combined with Canada, Our Story a very helpful introductory course of study for anyone who seeking a good overview of our history.

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