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Uncle Jed's Barbershop Study Guide

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Class: Workbook

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Uncle Jedediah is Sarah Jean's favorite relative. He visits once a week to cut her daddy's and granddaddy's hair, and pretends to cut Sarah's hair, putting good smelling lotion on the back of her neck. Uncle Jed has a dream that he shares with Sarah - Uncle Jed wants to open his own barbershop. Living in the South in the 1920s, this dream is regarded as impossible by his friends and relatives. Poor sharecroppers don't open their own businesses. Despite setbacks - from little Sarah's sickness, which only an expensive operation can cure, to the banks failing in the Great Depression just when he'd saved enough money - Uncle Jed never gives up. His admirable character and hard work to achieve his dream can inspire all of us to dream a dream - and then to work for it.

Coretta Scott King Honor Award.

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