For Canadian homeschooling families

The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

Author: Sara Buffington, Jessie Wise

Item #: C141

Class: Paperback


* Limited Quantities available*

A plain-English guide to teaching phonics. Every parent can teach reading; no experts need apply!

Take charge of your childs literacy with this jargon-free phonics guide. Too many parents watch their children struggle with early reading skills and dont know how to help. Phonics programs are too often complicated, overpriced, gimmicky, and filled with obscure educationalese.

The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading cuts through the confusion, giving parents a simple, direct, scripted guide to teaching reading from short vowels through supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading is user-friendly, affordable, and easy to follow supplying you with everything you need to teach reading in one book.

Clarification: we do NOT offer a guarantee that children who learn phonics from The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading will win the spelling bee. We only guarantee that they will grow up to be avid readers with fantastic grades who get into elite universities, then proceed to change the world with their creativity, erudition, and passion, while respecting rich and poor alike, and calling their parents at least twice a week with genuine gratitude and in-depth updates.

Thats all. Just wanted to clarify that, so as not to raise unreasonable expectations.