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Raising Maidens of Virtue

Author: Stacy MacDonald

Publisher: Other

Item #: A309

Class: Hardcover


Mothers seeking to raise daughters who cherish purity and femininity can find guidance through the stories, conversational teachings, illustrations, and memory-making projects in this study. Topics covered include guarding the tongue, idleness, sibling relationships, honoring parents, contentment, modesty, purity, cleanliness, and feminine biblical beauty.

Raising Maidens of Virtue is an engaging tool for mothers who wish to encourage their daughters to cherish their purity and honor God as they approach womanhood. Illustrated with winsome watercolor vignettes by Johannah Bluedorn, mothers and daughters alike will become aware of the wonder and beauty of Godly femininity.


Stacy McDonald is the wife of James McDonald, a homeschooling mother of nin blessings, and the editor-in-chief of Homeschooling Today and Family Reformation magazines. She lives in Texas where she serves her family and assists her husband with their family publications and the management of their bookstore. As time allows, Stacy enjoys speaking to women on the subjects pertaining to wives, mothers, and daughters. Her special passion is sharing God's truth regarding a wife's godly role in marriage, contented motherhood, and the true meaning of feminine biblical beauty.


''Godly women are not born, but raised. Stacy McDonald has in this work equipped parents to be about the business of raising up rubies, or rather, that which is more precious still, our daughters. She is a faithful guide, for she is a godly example.'' --Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr., Pastor, Director of the Highlands Study Center, and most importantly, homeschooling father of sic

''Young ladies entrenched in our modern society are in a desperate situation. So many have lost the vision for beautiful, rewarding femininity and womanhood. Raising Maidens of Virtue helps restore that vision and guide our girls along the path to godly, joyous maidenhood. In her delightful book, Stacy McDonald has given a helpful hand to mother and daughter alike, offering hope and practical solutions for those of us desiring that wonderful role of women of virtue.'' --Mrs. Beall Phillips, wife to Doug and mother to Liberty, Jubilee, Faith, and Virginia Hope

''In the face of our culture's shameless enticement of young women to view their identity and worth only in terms of their sexuality, Stacy McDonald passionately challenges mothers and daughters together to return to a pure and gracious femininity for the God who made us uniquely for His glory.'' --Mrs. Tracy Klicka, wife of Sr. Counsel for HSLDA, Chris Klicka