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A Question of Yams

Author: Gloria Repp

Publisher: Bob Jones University Press

Item #: N809

Pages: 80

Class: Paperback

Price: $9.50

Gloria Repps A Question of Yams is a Christian fiction missionary story based on true events. The people of Kuris village have always prayed to the spirits when they plant their yams. Now Kuris father prays to the God of the Bible, and the crops begin to grow. But the sun is too hot, and without water the yams will die. The Head Men blame Kuris father. They say that he is being punished because he trusts in God.

Kuri is afraid. If the yams die, everyone will starve. Is his fathers God mighty enough to bring rain? A Question of Yams is the story of a young boy learning to trust the One true God, written in chapter book format for young readers.