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The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Study Guide

Author: Rebecca Gilleland

Publisher: Progeny Press

Item #: E601

Level: Grade 3, Grade 1, Grade 2

Class: Workbook

Price: $20.95

Jonathan is sure there are no bears on Hemlock Mountain. When he is given the task of going over the mountain to his aunt's house to borrow a large pot for his mother, he reassures himself over and over: "There... are... no... bears... on... Hemlock... Mountain... no... bears... no... bears... at... all." Once at his aunt's house Jonathan dawdles, enjoying cookies and a nap. When he wakes up he realizes that it is very late, and now he must go back over Hemlock Mountain - in the dark! Despite his repeating over and over to himself that there are no bears, suddenly he meets some. Thinking quickly Jonathan puts the large iron pot upside down in the snow and hides under it. Jonathan learns a hair-raising lesson in being responsible for your own actions.

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