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Alpha Omega Accounting

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P011

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Kit

Price: $105.95

For those of you looking for an accounting course, I strongly recommend this one, especially for anyone who has any chance of ever owning his or her own business, be it a small out-of-the-house hairdressing business or a large contracting firm.

Being an Alpha Omega course, this kit includes a series of 10 LIFEPACS plus a Teachers's Guide. A LIFEPAC is a combination workbook and textbook or worktext. The Teacher's Guide offers suggestions for activities as well as all the answers. Each LIFEPAC includes quizzes and a test to be taken at the completion of each LIFEPAC.

Principles of money management and accounting are presented in this Accounting course which includes an overview of accounting, debits and credits, journalizing and posting transactions, financial statements, payroll accounting, taxes and a business simulation activity. Although this is listed as being appropriate for Grade 7 and up, I would wait till grade 10 or higher.

Unit 1: Accounting Overview,
Unit 2: Starting an Accounting System,
Unit 3: Analysis and Journalizing Transactions,
Unit 4: Posting to the General Ledger,
Unit 5: Preparing the Worksheet,
Unit 6: Financial Statements,
Unit 7: Adjusting and Closing Entries,
Unit 8: Payroll Records,
Unit 9: Payroll Accounting,
Unit 10: Business Simulation