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Exploring Creation With General Science Materials Kit 3rd Edition

Publisher: Home Science Tools

Item #: H612

Class: Materials Kit

Price: $118.95

Apologia General Science Kit

This kit includes the following items:

-Single ping-pong ball
-Ball, steel, 1"
-Pipet (medicine dropper)
-Paper, construction, 12 sheets
-Balloon Set of 9, 2 packs
-Stirring Rod, glass, 6"
-2 x Candle, tea lights
-Clay, modeling, 1/4 lb.
-Sandpaper, 1 sheet medium grit
-String, heavy cord, 25'
-Alum, 100 g
-Pebbles, 1 lb.
-Magnifying Glass, 2", 3X Lens
-Chemical Splash Safety Goggles
-Sand, 1 lb
-Epsom salt, 1 lb or 450g
-Plaster of paris, 4 oz.
-Washers, 1", 5 pack
-Potassium Chloride, 30 g
-Calcium Chloride, 30 g
-Battery, D, heavy duty, 2 pack
-Copper Wire, insulated, #24, 15'
-Bulb, screw style, 3.7-volt
-Bulb holder, 1-bulb
-Simple DNA Model Kit
-Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution, 30 ml
-Yeast packet
-Seeds, baby lima bean
-Powder Funnel, plastic, 80 mm diameter
-Glow light stick, 6", green
-Single tennis ball

While our kits conveniently contain most of the items you'll need to complete the labs, they do not include some common household items or more expensive items like microscopes and live cultures.