For Canadian homeschooling families

Science Scope

Author: Kathryn Stout

Item #: H150

Pages: 119

Class: Softcover

Price: $31.95

The concepts and skills taught in grades K-12 science and health classes are arranged by topic and grade for an easy-to-use approach to teach students of all agesincluding multi-levelly. Teaching tips include how to teach the scientific process and strategies in a manner that encourages children to think critically and get the most out of their explorations and experiences. By using this guide as a reference of what and how to teach, content can be covered with any resources that the student finds appealing. The teacher no longer needs to feel bound to one specific curriculum for fear of leaving educational gaps. A checklist allows convenient record keeping. Students in grades 6-12 can use this book as a working outline to find information on their own.

Science Scope provides lists of skills, topics, and concepts that are part of most science curricula.

It can be used: As a checklist.

This allows the student to use a wide variety of materials to learn about science instead of a program designed by only one company for use in kindergarten through high school.

Teachers and parents can also be sure a depth of understanding is achieved, rather than simply exposure to a topic. Older students can use this book to help them recognize what they should understand and retain (checking off items themselves) whether using a text book or several books and resources.

As an overview of the progression of a topic from simple concepts to the more complicated.

Even if a topic is not introduced until a student is eleven or twelve, for example, it may be helpful to introduce it using ideas from the easier level. This guide includes material used in high school courses for the college-bound student, which may prove too complex for some students. In that case, teachers and parents have the option of taking the student as far as he is able in any topic, while making certain that basic concepts are understood.