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Heartfelt Discipline

Author: Clay Clarkson

Item #: A199

Pages: 240

Class: Softcover

Price: $21.95

From the back cover: Childhood discipline is your responsibility. If you're a parent, your children need you to discipline them. There's no debate about that in Scripture. They, and God, are expecting you to bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. But there is one thing open to to discipline your children. What does the Bible really say? Is there a divinely-designed method, a promise of parental success? Or is there a better way? There's no formula for childhood discipline. No laws, no rules. God has provided a way that is better. It is the way of life, the biblical picture of the path we walk with God. It's all about faith, relationship, Spirit, and heart. As a parent, you're already on that path of life with your children. You can lead them with three key principles of discipline:

Direction -- Guiding and showing them how to walk the path with God.
Correction -- Getting them back on the path when sin leads them off of it.
Protection -- Guarding them from temptations that could draw them away.

In Heartfelt Discipline Clay Clarkson helps you understand what the Bible really says about childhood discipline. Drawing on twenty-eight years of parenting and his personal study of the Bible, Clay fully fleshes out God's way of path of life parenting. It will change how you think about your responsibility to discipline your children. It will put you on the path to your child's heart.