For Canadian homeschooling families

Things We Wish We'd Known

Author: Diana Waring

Item #: A166

Pages: 232

Class: Paperback

Price: $17.95

This is a great book for all of us, whether novice or experienced in homeschooling. It offers encouragement and down-to-earth wisdom and information.

More than fifty successful veteran homeschoolers from around the world share their thoughts and experiences in this delightful new book.
--Find answers to the questions all homeschoolers ask.

--Read true-life stories of homeschooling families.

--Discover how homeschooling works in unique family situations and far-flung locations.

You will laugh, cry, empathize, and be strongly encouraged as you read such authors as:

* Karen Andreola
* Valerie Bendt
* Michael & Susan Card
* Sally Clarkson
* Kathy von Duyke
* Tina Farewell
* Vicky Goodchild
* Margie Gray
* Wade & Jessica Hulcy
* Steve & Jane Lambert
* David & Shirley Quine
* Robin Scarlata
* Debbie Strayer
* Monte & Karey Swan
* Debbie Ward
* Diana Waring and more...