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BJU Math Grade 2 Student Worktext (4th Ed.)

Author: BJU Press

Publisher: Bob Jones University Press

Item #: BJ299677

Pages: 232

Level: Grade 2

Class: Workbook

Price: $42.95

Math 2 Student Worktext (4th ed.) fosters student interest in math and provides for both guided and independent practice. The consumable pages offer space for students to show their solutions by drawing pictures or using the pictures that have been provided.

Materials covered in this course are:

Numeration: recognizing and writing 0 to 1,000; number words: zero to nine hundred
Number Theory: ordinals: first through twentieth; place value: ones, tens, hundreds; compare; before, after, between; even and odd numbers; round to the nearest ten and hundred
Counting: counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s; to 50 by 2s; to 30 by 3s; to 40 by 4s
Addition: 100 basic facts; fact families; three-digit addends; column addition; order and zero principles; money word problems
Subtraction: 100 basic facts; fact families; three-digit subtrahend and minuend; take-away; comparison; missing addend; zero principle; money; word problems
Multiplication: repeated addition; array; equation; vertical form; factors: 0 to 5; order principle
Division: repeated subtraction; equal groups; missing factor
Algebra Readiness: order; missing addend; missing factor; add and subtract positive and negative numbers; word problems
Fractions: part of a whole; part of a set; mixed numbers; equivalent fractions; compare; order; rename into higher and lower terms; add and subtract like and unlike fractions; add and subtract mixed numbers; word problems
Decimals: money
Geometry: shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle
solid figures: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular solid
area perimeter; symmetry; patterns; spatial relationships

Estimation numbers: round to nearest ten and hundred
front-end estimation; length; capacity; weight; mass

Measurement length: inch, centimeter, meter
capacity: liter, cup, pint, quart
weight: pound
mass: kilogram, gram
time: elapsed time, nearest minute
calendar: days, weeks, months, years
money: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
temperature: Fahrenheit, Celsius

Problem Solving: word problems money; bar graph; map skills; probability; flow chart; pictograph
Statistics and Graphs line graph: bar graph; coordinate graph; pictograph
Calculators: counting on; counting back; addition; subtraction; multiplication; place value
Computer: flow chart; addition; subtraction