For Canadian homeschooling families

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray Teacher's Edition 2nd Edition

Author: Susan Simpson, Debbie Strayer

Publisher: Common Sense Press

Item #: C733

Pages: 231

Level: Grade 8, Grade 9


The 36 weekly lessons in this book are divided into daily plans. Each week ten words from the most Commonly Misspelled Word List are used for testing.
The Vocabulary Building exercises bring meaning to vocabulary in context making it useful in everyday language.
A five week Writing Unit prepares students for high school writing and research as well as continued study in prefixes, suffixes, and roots words.

Four Book Studies are designed to expand understanding through various activities involving reading and writing skills:

-Across Five Aprils
-A Lantern in Her Hand
-Eric Liddell
-God's Smuggler

Reviews after most lessons and Assessments are provided for teachers' use for student evaluation.

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