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A Writer's Guide to Using 8 Methods of TransitionNew

Author: Victor Pellegrino

Publisher: N/A

Item #: C365

A Writer's Guide to Using 8 Methods of Transition is a short guide designed for all writers. The eight methods of transition help writers connect sentences and paragraphs to create a smooth flow of ideas in order to communicate clearly and effectively. Writers will find simple, concise explanations of each transitional method, as well as short examples to demonstate how each method can be used effectively. This book is a companion text for A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions. Both work well together for writers.

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Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel TogetherNew

Author: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A198

Known for her wisdom, warmth, and knowledge of Scripture, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has encouraged millions through her books, radio programs, and conferences. Now she's back with a legacy work on Titus 2 and its powerful vision for women:Woman to woman. Older to younger. Day to day. Life to life. This is God's beautiful plan.The Titus 2 model of older women living out the gospel alongside younger women is vital for us all to thrive. It is mutually strengthening, glorifies God, and makes His truth believable to our world.Imagine older women investing themselves in the lives of younger women, blessing whole families and churches. Imagine young wives, moms, and singles gaining wisdom and encouragement from women who've been there and have found God's ways to be true and good. Imagine all women—from older women to young girls—living out His transforming gospel together, growing the entire body of Christ to be more beautiful.This is Christian community as God designed it. Read this book and take your relationships to new depths, that your life might find its fullest meaning as you adorn the gospel of Christ.

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Answers for HomeschoolingFeaturedNew

Author: Israel Wayne

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Item #: A103

The decision to homeschool is difficult. There is so much to learn, and there are often radical changes that take place in your family. Unfortunately, not everyone will be supportive.Well-meaning friends and relatives may believe you are going to “ruin your child.” How can you make sure that you have laid a good foundation for your child’s future? How can you respectfully defend your choice to those who disagree with you?You’ve made the decision to homeschool. Suddenly, you find that some of those who were once in your corner supporting you are now questioning your competency as a parent and maybe even your sanity. Their lack of confidence may sting, but in reality, the critic provides a wonderful opportunity to replace fear and stigma with truth and reality. This book equips you to answer the critic in your life with resolve and confidence.ANSWERS to help you become confident in your homeschooling journey!-Socialization-Qualifications-College-Legality-Academics-Sports-Affordability-CompetencyTable of ContentsIntroduction1. Is Homeschooling Legal?2. Are You Qualified to Teach Your Child?3. How Can You Afford to Homeschool?4. Is That How It’s Done in Public School?5. What about Accountability?6. What about Socialization?7. Isn’t Sheltering a Child Harmful?8. What about Being Salt and Light in Public School?9. Is Homeschooling Elitist?10. Will Homeschoolers Be Good Citizens?11. What If I Don’t Have Enough Patience?12. What Does Dad Do in Homeschooling?13. Can Every Family Homeschool?14. Are You Cut Out for This?15. Won’t I Be Wasting My Own Education?16. What about Public School at Home?17. What about Vouchers for Homeschoolers?18. How Can You Teach Multiple Grades?19. What about Special Needs Education?20. What about Extracurricular Activities?21. What about High School?22. What about College?23. How Can You Find Time for Everything?24. Do You Know What Causes That?25. How Should I Respond to Opposition?

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Becoming Mom StrongFeaturedNew

Author: Heidi St. John

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A150

Becoming Mom Strong: How to Fight With all That's In You For Your Family and Your FaithHave you ever looked into the faces of the people who call you “mom” and wondered what in the world you got yourself into?If you’re like many Christian moms today, you’ve been reading the headlines and watching the rapid-fire changes in our culture with frustration and fear. Let’s face it: Moms today are facing questions that previous generations didn’t even see coming, and even our right to determine what is best for our own children is under fire. Popular speaker and blogger Heidi St. John (The Busy Mom) believes that today’s mothers need a special kind of strength. We need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We dare not rely on human strength for the battles we’re facing right now. In Becoming MomStrong, Heidi has a powerful message just for you—the mom in the midst of it all. Through encouragement, practical prayer points, and authentic “me-too” moments, Heidi equips you for a job that only you can do: to train your children to hear God’s voice and to walk in truth no matter where our culture is heading. God wants to use this generation of mothers to do something extraordinary:-To be strong in the Lord-To know who you are in Christ, and-To impart that strength to your kids.In other words, He wants you to be MomStrong! So if you’re feeling tired or inadequate today, get ready to find new strength as you join Heidi St. John in Becoming MomStrong.

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Becoming Mom Strong Bible Study FeaturedNew

Author: Heidi St. John

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A150S

Becoming MomStrong Bible Study: A Six-Week Journey to Discover Your God-Given CallingA six-week guided journey of learning to trust God with your deepest parenting questions.There’s nothing wrong with good advice—but today’s moms need so much more than that. We moms are crying out for true wisdom and strength that will teach us how to parent our kids well, and to help us navigate challenges and cultural issues previous generations never saw coming.The Bible tells us that the beginning of wisdom is knowing the Lord. And that’s right where the journey to becoming MomStrong starts.Join Heidi St. John in this six-week Bible study based on her popular book Becoming MomStrong. Each week, you’ll find stories from Heidi, Scriptural reflections, encouraging Bible verses, and prayer prompts to help train your own heart—and your kids’—to know Scripture, hold biblical values, discern true teaching, and develop godly character.A great resource for churches, women’s groups, or individuals, the Becoming MomStrong Bible Study will help you seek God’s guidance every day in your parenting hopes, fears, struggles, and victories.

Beyond the Code SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This four-book series helps students develop important comprehension and thinking skills at the earliest level. The books contain charmingly illustrated stories with exercises following the same phonetic structure as the Explode The Code series. Each story is preceded by writing and spelling activities that introduce new sight words and teach phonetic patterns, and followed by questions and exercises that help develop comprehension and critical thinking.Skills Addressed:-Spelling patterns -Sight words-Vocabulary development-Sequencing -Categorizing-Following directions-Critical thinking-Story recall-Inferential thinking-Rhyming words-Multi-syllabic words-Matching sentences to pictures

Building Writing Skills SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This highly-effective series teaches writing as a 5-step process. The 5-step process is made up of Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing. The step-by-step lessons use examples and easy-to-understand concept maps that teach brainstorming, planning, editing, and revising. Each lesson is followed by practice that includes a simple, time-saving scoring rubric.Level 1: teaches narrative (personal and story), opinion, and informative/explanatory writing for Grades 3-5.Level 2: teaches argumentative, narrative, and informative/explanatory writing for Grades 6-7.

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Captain CourageousNew

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Publisher: Dover Publications

Item #: D279

At the start of Captains Courageous, one of literature's most beloved stories of the sea, a spoiled rich boy is literally swept away — dashed overboard from an ocean liner. Luckily, young Harvey Cheyne is rescued by a passing fishing vessel. As it turns out, Harvey's apparent misfortune in tumbling from a life of pampered luxury into the humble company of a fishing schooner becomes a blessing in disguise. Compelled by the captain to earn his keep, Harvey loses his affectations as he learns the rewards of an honest day's labor amid the gruff and hearty companionship of the crewmen, who teach him to be worth his salt as they fish the waters off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Readers of all ages have delighted in Kipling's engaging maritime yarn since its initial appearance in 1897. The author's only novel to unfold in an American setting, this lively tale resounds with Kipling's customary blend of adventure and humor. This attractive new edition, unabridged and inexpensive, offers an irresistible invitation to a master storyteller's enduring tale of a boy's initiation into adulthood.Reprint of a standard edition.

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Chemistry New

Author: N/A

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H380

*Includes both Student and Teacher GuideChemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter. It is through an understanding of chemistry that the products that have benefited society were discovered, and technologies to sustain the environment were put in place. Knowledge of how matter changes will give us an insight into the origin of life, so we can realize that life could only have been formed by a supernatural act of creation, not by a process of change over time.-High school science course with lab curriculum-Lab experiments are included with guidance on where to order the lab equipment and supplies needed for the course-Based on the principle that those who can understand and apply information do much better than those who simply memorize materialThis course has been taught by Dr. Englin for several years, with students going on to medical and graduate school. He wanted to develop a series of courses that would give students the tools to help them succeed in higher education. The comprehensive material has God the Creator as its foundation.Table of Contents1. Introduction2. Metric Measurements in Chemistry3. Chemical Solutions — Percent Concentrations4. Chemical Solution — Molarity5. Molecular Mass and Atomic Theory6. Preparing Molar Solutions7. Chemical Reactions8. Chemical Equations I9. Chemical Equations II10. Moles From Chemical Equations11. Finding The Grams of Reactant and Product12. Electron Configurations13. Electron Configurations Continued14. Periodic Table of the Elements15. The Groups of the Periodic Table of the Elements16. Ionic Bonds17. Covalent Bonds18. Metal Atoms19. Batteries20. Acid and Bases I21. Acid and Bases II22. Weak Acids and Bases23. Buffers24. Chemistry Of Carbon25. Organic Chemistry26. Biochemistry27. Rates of Chemical Reactions28. Environmental ChemistryAppendix 1 - Laboratory ProceduresAppendix 2 - Christian ChemistsGlossary and IndexChemistry: Teacher's GuideThis book was created to help teachers as they instruct students through the Master’s Class Chemistry course by Master Books. The teacher is one who guides students through the subject matter, helps each student stay on schedule and be organized, and is their source of accountability along the way. With that in mind, this guide provides additional help through the laboratory exercises, as well as lessons, quizzes, and examinations that are provided along with the answers.The lessons in this study emphasize working through procedures and problem solving by learning patterns. The vocabulary is kept at the essential level. Practice exercises are given with their answers so that the patterns can be used in problem solving. These lessons and laboratory exercises are the result of over 30 years of teaching home school high school students and then working with them as they proceed through college. Guided labs are provided to enhance instruction of weekly lessons.There are many principles and truths given to us in Scripture by the God that created the universe and all of the laws by which it functions. It is important to see the hand of God and His principles and wisdom as it plays out in chemistry. This course integrates what God has told us in the context of this study.Features: Each suggested weekly schedule has five easy-to-manage lessons that combine reading and worksheets. Worksheets, quizzes, and tests are perforated and three-hole punched — materials are easy to tear out, hand out, grade, and store. Adjust the schedule and materials needed to best work within your educational program. Space is given for assignments dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. Adapt the days to your school schedule.Workflow: Students will read the pages in their book and then complete each section of the teacher guide. They should be encouraged to complete as many of the activities and projects as possible as well. Tests are given at regular intervals with space to record each grade.About the Author: DR. DENNIS ENGLIN earned his bachelor’s from Westmont College, his master of science from California State University, and his EdD from the University of Southern California. He enjoys teaching animal biology, vertebrate biology, wildlife biology, organismic biology, and astronomy at The Master’s University. His professional memberships include the Creation Research Society, the American Fisheries Association, Southern California Academy of Sciences, Yellowstone Association, and Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies.

Christian History: Biographies of Faith SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

An exceptional study on faith and leadership that focuses on the US presidents Washington and Jackson, as well as the Christian reformers Knox, Newton, and Luther. Students will discover their influences, struggles, and accomplishments, and take away lessons on the lives of these great leaders. Are great men simply born great or do they make a choice in their life to be something more? Study the lives of these Christian men to discover how they were transformed by their faith, moral values, and pure courage. In this unique course, students will go beyond historical footnotes to really see what has been revealed about their hearts, their fears, and their vision for changing the world as they knew it. An inspiring study designed to encourage students to lead!

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Christs Psalms - Our PsalmsFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A530

From the Psalms to your HeartSeasoned pastors speaking from the Psalms to your heart about life’s struggles and Christ’s saving grace – that about sums up the year’s worth of meditations found in Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms – Devotional. Whether serving God’s people in a settled church or ministering to new believers on the mission field, the sixteen ministers behind the devotions know the troubles Christians face and how God provides real relief and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ.Our PsalmsChristians everywhere love the Psalms. They have touched the hearts and lives of countless believers for centuries. They speak to both our plights and our prosperity, our gaffes and our gifts. They teach us deep truths and bring us profound comfort. The Psalms give us words to praise our God and pleas to cry out to him in prayer. The Holy Spirit has truly made them to be our Psalms. Each meditation connects a key thought from the psalm to our daily lives and lets us take them over for ourselves.Christ’s PsalmsBut there’s another dimension to the Psalms. Each also speaks of Christ Jesus in various ways. We may see the outline of Christ in David’s experiences – in his intense suffering and waiting upon God, in his victories and success, in his role as the King who defends and judges. Jesus fulfills all these. We can see the Son of God lifted up on the praises of so many psalms and the One in whom every believer finds ultimate refuge. We also catch glimpses of Christ as our great High Priest and our Prophet who teaches us wisdom from above.Each meditation is an effort to bring out of the psalm some aspect of Christ’s person or work for us to ponder and wonder at. The emotions we feel and the hard questions we ask in the many trials of life are honestly and skillfully brought forward and then dealt with in the light of Christ’s own trials – and his great work of salvation! The answer to our sin and sorrow is found only and abundantly in Jesus, and each devotion leads us to him.Short & to the PointYou might be wondering: with so much packed in, how long are these pieces? I haven’t got that much time! Do not worry: each devotion is 400 words or less – no easy feat for us sermon-writing ministers! Two meditations are offered per psalm with the result that often the main Bible reading divides the psalm into two parts (typically up to 12 verses per reading). At times a secondary reading from elsewhere in Scripture is offered for those who wish to read more and reflect further on the subject matter. Each author has chosen one key verse from the psalm and worked out one main thought.The idea is to allow busy individuals and families to take in a focused, Word-based meditation that will feed their souls with the gospel of Christ and still allow them to catch the bus, get to work on time or arrive at soccer before the whistle blows. We hope and pray that our heavenly Father will bless you in this way.Special EventsThere is one more feature of the Devotional that we hope will interest you. At certain times of the year we often commemorate and celebrate the saving works of Christ: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost Day. Many Christians and churches also pay attention to the need for God’s blessing during the planting of the crops (Crops and Labour prayer service), gathering in of the harvest (Thanksgiving Day), and the turning of the New Year of our Lord. Several contributors have worked out a series of psalm-based, Christ-centered meditations that bring each of these topics to light.When a special event is coming up on the calendar, you can prepare to mark it by using the specific meditations found in the back of the Devotional. There are several on each topic so you or your family can read a few over the days leading up to the occasion. It may sound amazing but it’s true: the Psalms do speak to all of Christ’s work and make for thought-provoking, encouraging meditations that direct all glory to our Saviour.

Classics for Young Readers SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

The Classics for Young Readers series offers the finest children's stories with an accelerated pace, updated language, and full-page illustrations. Enrich the reading experience by using the companion study guides.