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Adventures in Creation: Level 1FeaturedNew

Author: Carrie Lindquist

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H130

This science series, designed for students in grades K-3, will bring the Bible to life and instill a love for science through exploration, investigations, and biblically inspired stories. Students will discover that science is a wonderful tool God has given us to study His creation and learn more about His nature as they ask questions and experience Godís world through science.They will also learn more about His character as they ask questions and experience Godís world through science. This course includes:-Memory verses with hand motions to help students memorize Bible passages-Discussion Starters that encourage students to dive deeper into the topics theyíre learning-Activity pages for students to create their own Science Notebook to shareOVERVIEW: This course is designed to be interactive with students, as they are given the opportunity to stop and discuss answers to questions in the text. The course explores questions such as: What is light made of? How do clouds form? What is photosynthesis? Why does the moon have phases? What are the layers of the ocean like? How does the heart pump blood? Students will be able to answer these questions and many more as they investigate their way through Godís creation. Letís Talk Science: Adventures in Creation is hands-on fun, easy to prepare for, and it will encourage your studentís curiosity!

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Answers for HomeschoolingFeaturedNew

Author: Israel Wayne

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Item #: A103

The decision to homeschool is difficult. There is so much to learn, and there are often radical changes that take place in your family. Unfortunately, not everyone will be supportive.Well-meaning friends and relatives may believe you are going to ďruin your child.Ē How can you make sure that you have laid a good foundation for your childís future? How can you respectfully defend your choice to those who disagree with you?Youíve made the decision to homeschool. Suddenly, you find that some of those who were once in your corner supporting you are now questioning your competency as a parent and maybe even your sanity. Their lack of confidence may sting, but in reality, the critic provides a wonderful opportunity to replace fear and stigma with truth and reality. This book equips you to answer the critic in your life with resolve and confidence.ANSWERS to help you become confident in your homeschooling journey!-Socialization-Qualifications-College-Legality-Academics-Sports-Affordability-CompetencyTable of ContentsIntroduction1. Is Homeschooling Legal?2. Are You Qualified to Teach Your Child?3. How Can You Afford to Homeschool?4. Is That How Itís Done in Public School?5. What about Accountability?6. What about Socialization?7. Isnít Sheltering a Child Harmful?8. What about Being Salt and Light in Public School?9. Is Homeschooling Elitist?10. Will Homeschoolers Be Good Citizens?11. What If I Donít Have Enough Patience?12. What Does Dad Do in Homeschooling?13. Can Every Family Homeschool?14. Are You Cut Out for This?15. Wonít I Be Wasting My Own Education?16. What about Public School at Home?17. What about Vouchers for Homeschoolers?18. How Can You Teach Multiple Grades?19. What about Special Needs Education?20. What about Extracurricular Activities?21. What about High School?22. What about College?23. How Can You Find Time for Everything?24. Do You Know What Causes That?25. How Should I Respond to Opposition?

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Around the World Coloring BookNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Dover Publications

Item #: CB194

Ideal for home or classroom use, this entertaining and educational coloring book helps youngsters identify and locate Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, France, Nigeria, and 23 other countries of the world. A map of each nation contains names of major cities and is accompanied by ready-to-color pictures of each country's national flag, landmarks, and natural resources. Engaging facts and statistics highlight the unique features of each country.A useful learning tool for elementary school students, the Around the World Coloring Book will also provide preschoolers with challenging activities.

Beyond the Code SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This four-book series helps students develop important comprehension and thinking skills at the earliest level. The books contain charmingly illustrated stories with exercises following the same phonetic structure as the Explode The Code series. Each story is preceded by writing and spelling activities that introduce new sight words and teach phonetic patterns, and followed by questions and exercises that help develop comprehension and critical thinking.Skills Addressed:-Spelling patterns -Sight words-Vocabulary development-Sequencing -Categorizing-Following directions-Critical thinking-Story recall-Inferential thinking-Rhyming words-Multi-syllabic words-Matching sentences to pictures

Biology - Masterbook SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This 36-week study of biology begins with an overview of chemistry while opening a deeper understanding of the living things that God created. The course moves through the nature of cells, ecosystems, biomes, the genetic code, plant and animal taxonomies, and more.

Building Writers SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

Our Building Writers workbooks offer extra practice for writing skills development and can be easily incorporated into a writing block as independent writing or as whole group practice to meet your studentsí varying needs. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion.

Building Writing Skills SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

This highly-effective series teaches writing as a 5-step process. The 5-step process is made up of Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing. The step-by-step lessons use examples and easy-to-understand concept maps that teach brainstorming, planning, editing, and revising. Each lesson is followed by practice that includes a simple, time-saving scoring rubric.Level 1: teaches narrative (personal and story), opinion, and informative/explanatory writing for Grades 3-5.Level 2: teaches argumentative, narrative, and informative/explanatory writing for Grades 6-7.

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Canada's Natives Long Ago BundleFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J206

Includes:~Canada's Natives Long AgoTravel to a place of forests and rivers and meet the people of Canada from long ago. Learn the lifestyles of the seven cultural groups of Canadaís first nations. This study include reproducible workpages, project pictures, eye-witness quotes, stories, activities and biographical sketches.~Native Nations Series -In Native Nations of North America, Bobbie Kalmanís looks at the lives of the indigenous peoples of North America. Each book in the series focuses on geographical areas, language groups, important historical events, as well as village life and homes. Some of the books also explain the impact Europeans had on the lives of native peoples. Every step of the research, writing, and editing process has involved native writers and consultants and has been meticulously checked for cultural sensitivities.~Indian Captive - In this classic frontier adventure, Lois Lenski reconstructs the real life story of Mary Jemison, who was captured in a raid as young girl and raised amongst the Seneca Indians. Meticulously researched and illustrated with many detailed drawings, this novel offers an exceptionally vivid and personal portrait of Native American life and customs.

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Canada, My Country - BundleFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J208

Includes:~Canada, My Country - Lessons require minimal preparation but are packed with content, games and activities. Students will grasp the basics in Canadian geography, both physical and political. Chapters on national symbols, government and Canadian freedoms provide the groundwork for future study.~Scholastic Children's Atlas of Canada - My home, my province, my country ó Canada! Detailed maps introduce young children to the geography, history and culture of Canada. Revised and updated.~Close-Up Canada Series - Includes all 13 books in the Close-Up Canada Series: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Christian History: Biographies of Faith SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

An exceptional study on faith and leadership that focuses on the US presidents Washington and Jackson, as well as the Christian reformers Knox, Newton, and Luther. Students will discover their influences, struggles, and accomplishments, and take away lessons on the lives of these great leaders. Are great men simply born great or do they make a choice in their life to be something more? Study the lives of these Christian men to discover how they were transformed by their faith, moral values, and pure courage. In this unique course, students will go beyond historical footnotes to really see what has been revealed about their hearts, their fears, and their vision for changing the world as they knew it. An inspiring study designed to encourage students to lead!

Christian Studies IV: A Chronological Overview of the Bible SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

Christian Studies IV takes students back through the highlights of the Bible, reviewing drill questions, Scripture memory passages, and more!

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Christs Psalms - Our PsalmsFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A530

From the Psalms to your HeartSeasoned pastors speaking from the Psalms to your heart about lifeís struggles and Christís saving grace Ė that about sums up the yearís worth of meditations found in Christís Psalms, Our Psalms Ė Devotional. Whether serving Godís people in a settled church or ministering to new believers on the mission field, the sixteen ministers behind the devotions know the troubles Christians face and how God provides real relief and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ.Our PsalmsChristians everywhere love the Psalms. They have touched the hearts and lives of countless believers for centuries. They speak to both our plights and our prosperity, our gaffes and our gifts. They teach us deep truths and bring us profound comfort. The Psalms give us words to praise our God and pleas to cry out to him in prayer. The Holy Spirit has truly made them to be our Psalms. Each meditation connects a key thought from the psalm to our daily lives and lets us take them over for ourselves.Christís PsalmsBut thereís another dimension to the Psalms. Each also speaks of Christ Jesus in various ways. We may see the outline of Christ in Davidís experiences Ė in his intense suffering and waiting upon God, in his victories and success, in his role as the King who defends and judges. Jesus fulfills all these. We can see the Son of God lifted up on the praises of so many psalms and the One in whom every believer finds ultimate refuge. We also catch glimpses of Christ as our great High Priest and our Prophet who teaches us wisdom from above.Each meditation is an effort to bring out of the psalm some aspect of Christís person or work for us to ponder and wonder at. The emotions we feel and the hard questions we ask in the many trials of life are honestly and skillfully brought forward and then dealt with in the light of Christís own trials Ė and his great work of salvation! The answer to our sin and sorrow is found only and abundantly in Jesus, and each devotion leads us to him.Short & to the PointYou might be wondering: with so much packed in, how long are these pieces? I havenít got that much time! Do not worry: each devotion is 400 words or less Ė no easy feat for us sermon-writing ministers! Two meditations are offered per psalm with the result that often the main Bible reading divides the psalm into two parts (typically up to 12 verses per reading). At times a secondary reading from elsewhere in Scripture is offered for those who wish to read more and reflect further on the subject matter. Each author has chosen one key verse from the psalm and worked out one main thought.The idea is to allow busy individuals and families to take in a focused, Word-based meditation that will feed their souls with the gospel of Christ and still allow them to catch the bus, get to work on time or arrive at soccer before the whistle blows. We hope and pray that our heavenly Father will bless you in this way.Special EventsThere is one more feature of the Devotional that we hope will interest you. At certain times of the year we often commemorate and celebrate the saving works of Christ: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost Day. Many Christians and churches also pay attention to the need for Godís blessing during the planting of the crops (Crops and Labour prayer service), gathering in of the harvest (Thanksgiving Day), and the turning of the New Year of our Lord. Several contributors have worked out a series of psalm-based, Christ-centered meditations that bring each of these topics to light.When a special event is coming up on the calendar, you can prepare to mark it by using the specific meditations found in the back of the Devotional. There are several on each topic so you or your family can read a few over the days leading up to the occasion. It may sound amazing but itís true: the Psalms do speak to all of Christís work and make for thought-provoking, encouraging meditations that direct all glory to our Saviour.