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Canada, My Country - 8th EditionFeaturedNew

Author: Donna Ward

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J171

This long awaited curriculum should be back in stock the end of November 2021. (If ordered with other books, we will hold the whole order until in stock or if preferred, additional shipping charges will apply for split-shipping.)Most suitable for Grades 1-4, but useful for various ages, this easy to use, read-aloud text is a delight for both students and teacher.Lessons require minimal preparation but are packed with content, games and activities. Students will grasp the basics in Canadian geography, both physical and political. Chapters on national symbols, government and Canadian freedoms provide the groundwork for future study.Each lesson includes a reproducible activity worksheet. Children love to search for Bucky the Beaver hiding somewhere on each page. This program is a favourite of many parents and teachers across Canada.Topics include: Understanding maps; Canada’s physical regions; Symbols; Government; Freedoms; Outstanding Canadians-Lessons are clearly outlined-Minimal prep required-Includes stories & games-Resource lists with lessons-Reproducible worksheets now available digitally for original purchasers-IndexThis study requires photos of Canadian landscapes and a physical map.You will be automatically enrolled in the Canada, Country Lite Membership for access to curated third party videos and websites.You will automatically receive downloadable worksheets for students of the original purchaser.


National Geographic for Kids: Kids Collection Grades K-3New

Author: N/A

Publisher: Scholastic

Item #: N999ng

Limited Quantities available12 Books Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has been a resource for knowledge about science, nature, and culture from around the world. Presenting groundbreaking photography and research in a range of formats, National Geographic offers great nonfiction for readers of all ages and levels.This collection of National Geographic Kids titles was hand selected to provide you with the best books at the best prices.See below for complete list of titles. Title list:• Animal Armor• Hello, Penguin!• Dive, Dolphin• Weird Sea Creatures• Foxes• Owls• Goats• All About Bears• Bees• Animals in the City• Llamas• Swing, Sloth!*Picture is different than the actual titles in this package.

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Grade 4 - 5 Subject Lifepac SetNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P1104

Are you looking for the perfect curriculum set? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need! The LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set contains five core subjects: - Bible - History & Geography - Science - Language Arts - Math And in terms of affordability this is a deal that can't be beat! This step-by-step, Bible-centered curriculum is based on the concept of mastery learning and offers flexibility with personalized instruction. Colorful, self-paced lessons and supplemental hands-on activities make this Alpha Omega curriculum set fun and easy.Each LIFEPAC subject contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher's guide. Filled with motivating lessons and diverse review questions, the LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set will give your child a solid, well-rounded education! Stop searching for the perfect, complete homeschool curriculum. You found it! Simply order the best-selling LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set today.The 4th Grade Science Experiments DVD is a recommended resource not included in this set.If you wish to see the Samples and Placement Tests, please view individual Lifepac items linked above.

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Grade 6 - 5 Subject Lifepac SetNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P1106

The LIFEPAC 6th Grade 5-Subject Set contains five core subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math. And it costs less than ordering subjects individually! This step-by-step, Bible-centered Alpha Omega curriculum is based on the concept of mastery learning and offers flexibility with personalized instruction. Colorful, consumable lessons and supplemental, hands-on activities make this curriculum set fun and easy.Each LIFEPAC subject contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher's guide. Filled with motivating lessons and diverse review questions, the LIFEPAC 6th Grade 5-Subject Set will give your child a solid, well-rounded education! Say good bye to the shopping headaches and waiting for multiple curriculums to arrive! Get all your subjects with one order. Don't wait—take advantage of this offer today by ordering the LIFEPAC 6th Grade 5-Subject Set!The 6th Grade Science Experiments DVD is a recommended resource not included in this set.If you wish to see the Samples and Placement Tests, please view individual Lifepac items linked above.

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Indescribable for Little OnesNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A493

With this STEM-themed, interactive boardbook, introduce kids under the age of four to the wonders of God's creation! Perfect for little hands and motor skill development, it's packed with pull tabs and wheels that teach fun facts and Bible truths about space, earth, animals, and people---from ants on the ground to stars in the sky.

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The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God and ScienceNew

Author: Louie Giglio

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A492

New!From honeyguide birds and gamma ray bursts to optical illusions and rainbow rivers, kids are curious about God's creation. Teach them about our wonderful world and awesome universe with this colorfully illustrated devotional! Packed with mind-blowing scientific facts and faith-building biblical truths, 100 readings explore animals, space, people, Earth, and more. Ages 6 to 10. 208 pages, hardcover from Nelson.


Billy and Blaze - Box SetNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: N999bb

Limited Quantities Nine books of the beloved Billy and Blaze series from C.W. Anderson are now available together in a collectible boxed set!-In Billy and Blaze, Billy gets his very own horse for his birthday! They make a great team, but are they good enough to win the silver cup at the Mason Horse Show?-In Blaze and the Forest Fire, Billy and Blaze spot smoke in the brush, and immediately race around the woods to sound the alarm. At the end of the day, they are rewarded with carrots for Blaze, cake for Billy, and a very special present that they can share.-In Blaze Finds the Trail, Billy and Blaze go exploring a new road. Before they know it, the sky grows dark with a coming storm, and Billy can’t figure out how to get out of the woods. Can Blaze find the trail and get them home safely?-In Blaze and Thunderbolt, Billy’s friend Jim is unable to tame a wild horse called Thunderbolt. But with their gentle approach, Billy and Blaze may succeed where others have failed.-In Blaze and the Mountain Lion, Billy and Blaze come face to face with a ferocious mountain lion! Fortunately, they are able to chase it into its cave and save a frightened calf. But can Billy and Blaze chase the lion away for good?-In Blaze and the Lost Quarry, Billy and Blaze find an abandoned quarry. But they aren’t the only ones who know of it—they arrive just in time to see a dog fall into the water! Will they be able to save the dog?-In Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony, Billy and Tommy see a small gray spotted pony in a field. Tommy knows immediately that this is the pony of his dreams. Will Tommy’s wish come true?-In Blaze Shows the Way, Billy and Blaze show Tommy and his horse, Dusty, how to be as great of a team as they are. Soon, Tommy and Dusty are good enough to enter the pairs jumping class with Billy and Blaze!-In Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads, Billy and Tommy lead their horses down an unfamiliar path and spend the day exploring. But at the end of the day, neither Billy nor Tommy remember how to get back. Can Blaze lead them home?

Mastering Algebra ''John Saxon's Way'' Teaching SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: N/A

For the first time ever – online video courses that provide real classroom instruction by an experienced Saxon math teacher. The instructor has taught using John Saxon’s math books for more than a dozen years.Art Reed was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1936. He attended private Lutheran schools in Chicago, graduating from Luther High School South in 1954. He then enlisted in the United States Army. After a decorated career of nearly thirty years, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.After retiring from active duty, Art Reed spent more than a dozen years teaching mathematics at a rural high school near Enid. He also served as an adjunct professor of mathematics at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma.During the past several decades, Art Reed has become well known for his sound curriculum advice to homeschool parents as well as classroom teachers using Saxon Math books. He has come to be known as an experienced curriculum advisor for John Saxon’s math textbooks from Math 76 through Calculus and Physics. Homeschool educators as well as classroom teachers have come to ask for him by name to seek his valued advice and assistance.

Exploring Economics SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Notgrass History

Written from a perspective of faith in God and trust in His Word, Exploring Economics surveys Biblical teachings on money and finance, provides an overview of the economic history of the United States, gives a clear explanation of terms and concepts used in economics, discusses economic issues confronting us today, and puts our participation in the national and world economies on a personal level. In a time when economic activity is challenging classic definitions, Exploring Economics reasserts the importance of the free market system and enables students to take part in the economy with knowledge and faith.


General Science 101 FeaturedNew

Author: Wes Olson

Publisher: Westfield Studios

Item #: H373

Coming Soon! Expected Release: October 2021!Pre-order Price Discount!Touring God's Mansion of ScienceWes Olson takes us on an engaging tour through God’s scientific world of Natural Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Social Science, Formal Science, and Applied Science.Science Made Interesting and Fun!General Science 101 is geared toward ages 15 years* and up. The film is full of accurate and fascinating information coupled with hundreds of eye-catching visuals and graphics. The Guidebook allows the student to easily review all the information covered in the films. Each guidebook segment includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions. A one-year high school course booklet is included for families who want a year-long science course.From Our Homeschooling Family to YoursGeneral Science 101 was developed and hosted by Wes Olson, Multnomah School of the Bible graduate (now Multnomah University), veteran filmmaker of 30 years, homeschooling father and producer of the 101 series. Wes guides you on a tour through the sciences; laying a solid foundation of scientific concepts and how they integrate into our everyday lives. This DVD course will give your student an excellent understanding of God's mansion of science.Your Complete, High School Level General Science Course?It depends—homeschooling families’ approaches to teaching and learning are far from cookie-cutter in design. For some families, this set of DVDs— which are very comprehensive in scope—will be enough to provide a thorough grounding in each of the sciences.Other families may prefer to use these DVDs as a starting point, one that provides their student with the correct foundation; an eye and mind-opening overview of each science, before beginning textbook study. A 22-page Course Accreditation Program booklet is included (digital PDF), for those who want the DVDs to form the foundation of a full school year's science course. In either case, students will find the series captivating and informative. In fact, the entire family might enjoy watching each segment together and engaging in lively discussions about the material.

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Canada: An Illustrated HistoryNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J237

A beautiful book from Canada's leading history publishers, Douglas & McIntyre, now available also in paperback.Daring. Drama. Diplomacy.From exploration and conquest to the forging of a nation, this remarkable book charts the course of Canadian history. Through more than 440 carefully selected images and an engaging text, it relates the fascinating stories of a nation in the making. Here are the events, the newsmakers, and the ordinary folk that shaped the Canadian experience.Native peoples have lived in Canada for thousands of years. Europeans discovered this mysterious "new-found lande" when it barred a route to China. Canada An Illustrated History encompasses these early times and goes on to present a national history both wide-ranging and compelling. This innovative book not only addresses all the expected themes from the early days of exploration and settlement through Confederation to Canada's contribution to the two world wars and the rise of the Canada we know today—it also reveals many lesser-known and fascinating facets of Canadian history.Read about Canada's first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette. Find out which Canadian bridge collapsed not once, but twice. Consider crime and punishment, firefighting, catalogue shopping, Prohibition, early aviation, and much, much more. From horrific disasters (the Halifax Explosion) to popular trends (the bicycle craze), this stunningly designed book covers both the "official" aspects of history and important social phenomena, such as immigration or the baby boom, that had an impact on almost everyone.Here are tales of the famous, the infamous, the popular, and the unknown: the natives, the nationbuilders, the separatists, and the statesmen; the soldiers, the settlers, the rebels, and the refugees; the artists, the astronauts, the invaders, and the inventors; the motorists, the mail carriers, the fur traders, and the photographers—a myriad of individuals who shaped our country. Through its engrossing commentary and wealth of images both iconic and rare, this impressive volume conveys the drama and scope of the nation's past.The lively and informative text is complemented by a wonderful selection of images including more than 200 photographs, 50 paintings and drawings and 35 historic maps—440 illustrations in all.

Price: $22.95

Morning Time: A Liturgy of LoveFeaturedNew

Author: Cindy Rollins

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A112

MORNING TIME is a regular gathering focused on remembering—remembering Scripture, songs, poetry, works of music and art, stories—even Plutarch’s Lives and Shakespeare’s plays.Cindy Rollins shares with readers how to experience the blessings of Morning Time in their own homes and communities. As Cindy gathered her family for Morning Time on a regular basis, she realized that the routine had become a liturgy, a regular practice and pattern that carried love and life to her children. The things that Cindy and her children discovered together in Morning Time were the very best things, and those things have proven to endure in their hearts.The practice of Morning Time is simple to implement into one’s homeschool, family, or classroom. This book gives readers a practical, road-tested way to make Morning Time a beautiful liturgy of their own. It includes Cindy’s Morning Time Anthology—over 150 pages of poems, hymn lyrics, Scripture passages, catechisms, Shakespeare passages, and other Morning Time selections gathered to make your Morning Time easy to put into practice.