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Canada: An Illustrated HistoryNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J237

A beautiful book from Canada's leading history publishers, Douglas & McIntyre, now available also in paperback.Daring. Drama. Diplomacy.From exploration and conquest to the forging of a nation, this remarkable book charts the course of Canadian history. Through more than 440 carefully selected images and an engaging text, it relates the fascinating stories of a nation in the making. Here are the events, the newsmakers, and the ordinary folk that shaped the Canadian experience.Native peoples have lived in Canada for thousands of years. Europeans discovered this mysterious "new-found lande" when it barred a route to China. Canada An Illustrated History encompasses these early times and goes on to present a national history both wide-ranging and compelling. This innovative book not only addresses all the expected themes from the early days of exploration and settlement through Confederation to Canada's contribution to the two world wars and the rise of the Canada we know today—it also reveals many lesser-known and fascinating facets of Canadian history.Read about Canada's first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette. Find out which Canadian bridge collapsed not once, but twice. Consider crime and punishment, firefighting, catalogue shopping, Prohibition, early aviation, and much, much more. From horrific disasters (the Halifax Explosion) to popular trends (the bicycle craze), this stunningly designed book covers both the "official" aspects of history and important social phenomena, such as immigration or the baby boom, that had an impact on almost everyone.Here are tales of the famous, the infamous, the popular, and the unknown: the natives, the nationbuilders, the separatists, and the statesmen; the soldiers, the settlers, the rebels, and the refugees; the artists, the astronauts, the invaders, and the inventors; the motorists, the mail carriers, the fur traders, and the photographers—a myriad of individuals who shaped our country. Through its engrossing commentary and wealth of images both iconic and rare, this impressive volume conveys the drama and scope of the nation's past.The lively and informative text is complemented by a wonderful selection of images including more than 200 photographs, 50 paintings and drawings and 35 historic maps—440 illustrations in all.

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Morning Time: A Liturgy of LoveFeaturedNew

Author: Cindy Rollins

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A112

MORNING TIME is a regular gathering focused on remembering—remembering Scripture, songs, poetry, works of music and art, stories—even Plutarch’s Lives and Shakespeare’s plays.Cindy Rollins shares with readers how to experience the blessings of Morning Time in their own homes and communities. As Cindy gathered her family for Morning Time on a regular basis, she realized that the routine had become a liturgy, a regular practice and pattern that carried love and life to her children. The things that Cindy and her children discovered together in Morning Time were the very best things, and those things have proven to endure in their hearts.The practice of Morning Time is simple to implement into one’s homeschool, family, or classroom. This book gives readers a practical, road-tested way to make Morning Time a beautiful liturgy of their own. It includes Cindy’s Morning Time Anthology—over 150 pages of poems, hymn lyrics, Scripture passages, catechisms, Shakespeare passages, and other Morning Time selections gathered to make your Morning Time easy to put into practice.

Where Faith Grows SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

Where Faith Grows Level 1 will help you reveal who God is and how He works in your life, and in the life of your child. You will have the delight of guiding your child in a discovery of God’s character traits and how they can relate to Him. Because He is trustworthy, they can commit to Him. Because He is eternal, they can respond to Him with patience. Because He is holy, they can practice self-control. Your relationship with God and your child with flourish as you take this journey of discipleship together.

Discovering Design with Earth Science SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Berean Builders, Home Science Tools

This laboratory-based earth science course can be used for either eighth or ninth grade. Most homeschooled students should be ready for it in eighth grade, but privately- and publicly-schooled students will be more comfortable with it in ninth grade. It covers the general properties of the earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Students learn about all the sections of the geosphere (such as core, mantle, crust, etc.) and then they study each in more detail. When studying the earth’s crust, they learn about minerals, rocks, and the rock cycle. Plate tectonics is then covered, which leads to a discussion of seismic waves, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Students then learn about fossils and how both uniformitarians and catastrophists interpret those fossils as well as the sedimentary rocks in which they are found. A discussion that compares uniformitarianism and catastrophism follows, in which the strengths and weaknesses of each view are covered.After that, the hydrosphere is discussed. Students first learn the properties of water such as polarity, the ability to hydrogen bond, and heat capacity. That leads to a discussion of the hydrologic cycle and residence time. Students then learn about the waves, currents, and tides in the ocean. They then move on to the ice reservoirs on the earth and then the freshwater reservoirs. Water in the air is the last part of the hydrosphere that is covered. The atmosphere is then discussed, including the composition of air, the sections of the atmosphere, temperature gradients, and pollutants. This leads to a discussion of weather. The course ends with two chapters on space, one that covers the solar system and one that covers the universe as a whole.There are roughly 55 hours of laboratory instruction in the course. A kit that contains specific minerals, rocks, and fossils allows students to do very detailed experiments related to the geosphere. These include mineral tests, rock analyses, fossil studies, density investigations, and magnetic property explorations. Students also get hands-on experience with waves, gases, wind, water purification, cloud formation, the Coriolis effect, precipitation, and acid/base interactions.

The Word in Motion - Apologia SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries

An illustrated, two-part Bible curriculum that equips students to know, live, and share the Word of God. Your kids can know the Bible! Teach them to know, love, and live God’s Word by showing them how the books of the Bible fit together to tell the grand story of God’s love for His people. Once they see and know the big picture, even kids can read the Word with purpose, passion, and real understanding. The Word in Motion takes the intimidation out of teaching Scripture by combining streaming video instruction with vibrant illustrations, fun-to-read narratives, engaging discussion questions, and memorable character profiles. Developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible, this curriculum also gets kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible!

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365 Day DadNew

Author: Todd Wilson

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A243

If you're like me, then you're tired of men's devotionals. Every once in a while you get a new one for Christmas, Father's Day, or your birthday, give it the old college try, make it through a few weeks, and then leave it to gather dust beside your bed.Well, things are about to change! 365 Day Dad is real, relevant, fresh, and guaranteed not to bore you out of your skull. Each day, you'll be reminded that you're not alone, challenged in your roles as husband and father, and encouraged to spend your day on what really matters.This book is written by a dad like you with the purpose of guiding you through a year of fathering. If that's not good news for the dad-world, then I don't know what is. So, fork over the money to buy this book, and let's get started on 365 days of dad.

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Family is Hard: Deal with ItNew

Author: Todd Wilson

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A244

Are you tired of hard kids, a hard spouse, and hard relationships?Have you read the books and listened to the experts who give simple solutions to complex issues? Do you feel like giving up and tossing in the towel? Ever pray that things would be easy?Let me just say up front: family is never going to be get over it! In fact, the reason relationships are hard is because relationships are good...and all good things are hard.Now, you can throw your hands up in surrender or you can cling to a promise that God made to those who don't give up. My hope is that by the time you finish reading this little book (just 67 pgs.) you'll stop seeing the hard times as something to avoid and instead see them as something to cherish.

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Raising Them Up: Parenting for ChristiansNew

Author: Israel Wayne

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: A190

Most parents want a book that will “fix their child” in three easy steps, in 30 days or less. While understandable, this expectation will never work. The problem lies far more with us, the parents, than it does with our child. If we don’t understand that truth, we will only remain frustrated and disappointed with our child. The far greater need is to fundamentally change our own hearts and minds as parents. As a principle, that simply MUST happen before any change will come for our youth.Christian parents may know a lot of Bible verses, yet don’t have a Biblical theology of parenting. Here’s the big picture: parenting is discipleship.Your child is learning from you. You are the teacher. Far more is caught than taught in parenting. Children listen to what you say, but they watch how you live. When you are slack in dealing with character issues in your own life, it short circuits your ability to effectively reach your child’s heart. In Raising Them Up, you will discover:-A heart check for parents-The world of “techno-parenting”-How to teach purity-Helping the difficult child-Parenting by grace-Home-based apologetics and more!It’s not about gimmicks…it’s about God – His inspired, inerrant, infallible, timeless truths.There are lots of other books out there that will teach you how to count to three, hold your breath, snap your wrist with a rubber band, and hand out stickers as a way to change your rebellious child. With enough tips, tricks, and methods, perhaps you can learn the perfect approach to timeouts or some magic cure that will solve bickering, sibling rivalry, laziness, back-talking, media addiction, lying, stealing, bad attitudes, apathy, angry outbursts, rebellion, inattention, or any other number of “fruits” that annoy, inconvenience, and embarrass us.But if you care enough to risk having to make changes in your own way of thinking and living, then let’s walk together on this path of learning to powerfully and prayerfully parent our children after the ways of God.

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The Ultimate Weekly Planner for TeensNew

Author: Debra Bell

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries

Item #: A202

The Ultimate Weekly Teen Planner by Debra Bell helps your child take on greater responsibility for managing their time and seeking God’s help and grace in their lives.Track high school credits, set goals, detail monthly and weekly plans, and more! The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens includes:-Scripture quotes to help your child recognizeGod’s grace and build faith for the plans made-Goal setting pages Monthly planning pages -Weekly planning grid Credit hours tracking for high school students-Pages to record grades, activities, reading lists -SAT word builders and study aids -Handy reference pages packed with science, grammar, geography, and math information

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The Lifegiving HomeNew

Author: Sarah Clarkson, Sally Clarkson

Publisher: Tyndale House

Item #: A148

We yearn for a place of belonging and becoming. A lifegiving haven of warmth, rest, and joy that will bless everyone who enters it. A welcoming respite in an isolated culture. We long for a Lifegiving Home.Join beloved authors Sally and Sarah Clarkson to discover the path to a lifegiving home—from a mother who’s known for creating one and her daughter who was raised in it. This is their story: a story about a home where a real family learned to flourish, grow, and belong. Together they offer a treasury of wise advice and spiritual principles to help you create a place for all that is beautiful, good, holy, and foundational to life.The Lifegiving Home will lead you on a new path to creating special memories for your children, establishing God-centered traditions, and cultivating a loving atmosphere your family will cherish all their lives.

The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: N/A

Students learn the research skills they need in high school—and beyond!Frustrated with your current high school writing curriculum? Have your students almost given up on writing? Do they reach for the tissue box when you say, “Write an essay”? Do you worry they won’t be ready for high school or college writing? Do they say they think of things to write but can’t write them down?With The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School, 2nd Edition, your teens learn writing in a relaxed atmosphere with some humor thrown in. They’ll conquer what they need to know for high school and will be prepared for college and professional writing.First, they’ll learn to write persuasively, learning persuasive strategies they will have to identify and write about in the new SAT essay. Later, they’ll navigate a comparison-and-contrast essay, a biography, a literary analysis, a research paper with MLA documentation, and much, much more. In addition, students will master description and narration essays.Written by the same author who wrote Jump In, our popular middle school composition course, The Power in Your Hands is the natural next step for those who value college-preparatory material presented in incremental steps with a conversational tone.With over 100 daily lessons and complete instructions for 21 essays and reports, this is an engaging course students will enjoy–or at least not dread. And, more good news: the course is self-guided. It almost teaches itself. Really. Perfect for your reluctant or skilled writer! Prerequisites: None.Christian content? Yes.

Principles of Algebra 2 SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

A course that teaches algebra from a biblical perspective!Get ready to get a glimpse of God’s handiwork as you apply algebra from your studies. Most algebra books come across as a whole bunch of meaningless, often hard-to-understand problems. But algebra doesn’t have to be that way at all. This book is full of different “tools” in algebra, seeing how they all really help us explore God’s creation and complete real-life tasks…and then conveying that in the program. Students should leave their math lessons for the day understanding why they’re learning what they’re learning, equipped to really apply math, and awed at the Creator.