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52 Weekly Stories About Canada Series

Author: Various

Publisher: On the Mark Press

The 52 stories in this book have been designed to familiarize and develop student awareness of Canadian symbols, animals, birds, seasons, month of the year, special celebrations, famous p

A Child's Geography Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

Travel to far-off lands with your children!This is a complete, stand-alone geography and history curriculum.-each book covers 10-15 countries with:-the engaging t

A Reason for Handwriting Series

Author: Various

Publisher: A Reason For Handwriting

A Reason for Handwriting® complete K-6th Handwriting Curriculum: it's a fact that when children enjoy their lessons, learning is greatly enhanced and retention greatly increased. <

Price: $22.95

A Virtuous Girl

Author: Michelle Zoppa

Publisher: Queen Homeschool

Item #: B801

What does it mean to be "virtuous"? This study for young girls is based on Proverbs 31, but goes much deeper that than, examining the lives of many different women of virtue found%2

Price: $17.95

Along Came Galileo

Author: Jeanne Bendick

Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books

Item #: BF035

A terrific book to introduce children to a great scientist, some of his scientific forebears, and his significant scientific ideas and discoveries. - Cathy Duffy ReviewsOne%2

Price: $80.95

Alpha Omega Health Quest Kit

Author: N/A

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P009

Recommended for Grades 4 to 6, this course will help students gain an awareness of health as it applies to their own bodies, minds and emotions. They will learn how the body works; im

America's Story SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

America’s Story 1 brings history alive through a Charlotte Mason approach as it teaches upper elementary students (grades 3-6) the amazing history of the United States of America. O’Del

Price: $22.95

An Honourable Boy

Author: Michelle Zoppa

Publisher: Queen Homeschool

Item #: B800

This study, for boys ages 6 - 12, will take your sons through a study of God?s Word, focusing on the character traits that make an honorable boy. Through the lives of many different

Apologia Science Kits for Grade K-6 Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Home Science Tools

Science Kits for Apologia Science Grade K-6

Art With A Purpose Series

Author: Various

Publisher: N/A

36 well-planned lessons for grades 1 to 8, with artsheets, directions, examples and materials needed list. It's all ready to go and you don't need to be an accomplished artist to teac

Price: $9.95

Augustine - The Farmer's Boy of Tagaste

Author: P. DeZeeuw

Publisher: Other

Item #: IH144

The story of Augustine, one of the great teachers of the early Christian church.

Price: $24.95

Benjamin Franklin

Author: Ingri D'Aulaire, Edgar D'Aulaire

Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books

Item #: BF010

An intuitive understanding of the things children love to know, combined with the d'Aulaire's extraordinary artistic ability make this book on the life of one of America's most beloved foun

Price: $25.95

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Study Guide

Author: Barbara Robinson

Publisher: Progeny Press

Item #: E625

Everyone agreed that the six Herdman kids were the worst kids in the world. They lied, they stole, they hit little kids, they talked dirty, and even the girls smoked cigars. To the

Beyond the Code SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Educators Publishing Service

This four-book series helps students develop important comprehension and thinking skills at the earliest level. The books contain charmingly illustrated stories with exercises following the same phonetic

Bible - Alpha Omega Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Each Alpha Omega kit includes a series of 10 Lifepacs plus a Teachers's Guide. A Lifepacs is a combination workbook and textbook or worktext. The Teacher's Guide offers suggestions for activi

Bible - SOS Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Switched-On Schoolhouse Bible is a Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 with a developmental, in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. Utilizing the King James Version