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1 Bob Jones CurriculumFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Bob Jones University Press

Item #: BJU

We have access to all the BJUPress curriculum, though we do not have it on our website. Please let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to give you a quote.

Price: $29.95

A Little House Picture Book TreasuryFeaturedNew

Author: Laura Wilder

Publisher: Harper Collins

Item #: N997

Six Stories of Life on the PrairieThis hardcover, full-color treasury includes six picture book stories adapted from the classic Little House books.The Little House series introduced generations of readers to Laura Ingalls Wilderís life on the frontier. Now with this illustrated storybook collection, the youngest readers can share in her world as well.Laura Ingalls lives in a snug little log cabin with her ma, her pa, her sisters, Mary and Carrie, and their dog, Jack. Almanzo Wilder lives on a farm with his family and lots of animals. These pioneer children have all sorts of adventures, including trips to town, county fairs, cozy winter days, and holidays with family.The six stories included in this treasury were originally published as stand-alone picture books: A Little Prairie House, Going to Town, County Fair, Sugar Snow, Winter Days in the Big Woods, and Christmas in the Big Woods.

Price: $8.95

A Little PrincessFeaturedNew

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publisher: P&R Publishing

Item #: N986

Sara Crewe, a wealthy young student at a London boarding school, suddenly finds herself at the mercy of the cruel schoolmistress after tragedy strikes. Overwhelmed by terrible trials, Sara must find the strength to survive. She discovers, in the midst of her struggles, that, ďWhatever comes... cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside.ĒSaraís story is one of perseverance, bravery, generosity, and imagination. Frances Hodgson Burnett provides readers with a vivid illustration of the biblical principle that true worth is a matter of the heart.Timeless children's classics entertain families generation after generation, while showcasing rich moral values and encouraging healthy spiritual development. P&R Classics for Young Readers offer the finest children's stories with an accelerated pace, updated language, and full-page illustrations.

Price: $58.95

Adventures on Planet Earth: Level 3FeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H132

Spanning topics from ecology to stewardship of our world, students will learn about trees, the food chain, biomes, and animals such as birds, sloths, elephants, and more. Designed to include hidden treasures of Scripture that students can share as they work through the course, students will also enjoy:-Conversational lessons, Apply It opportunities, and Digging Deeper into topics, while writing and drawing in their own Science Notebook.-A helpful course calendar and materials list to make completing the course easier.-Vocabulary words highlighted throughout.-Creating their own models of the biomes!OVERVIEW: Presented as a conversation between siblings Ben and Hannah, Letís Talk Science 3: Adventures on Planet Earth is an exciting and easy-to-use science course. Your learners will discover unique and interesting places on our planet, as well as expand their vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of God as Creator and His Word. The exciting course is hands-on, easy to prepare for, and fun, and it will encourage your studentís curiosity!Table of ContentsIntroduction to EcologyThe Boreal Forest ClimateConifersThe Lodgepole PineThe Food Chain 1The Food Chain 2A Broken WebA Web RestoredBoreal Biome ProjectTemperate Deciduous ForestDeciduous TreesThe Forest CanopyUnder the CanopyThe Forest FloorDecompositionLichensForest RelationshipsDeciduous Biome ProjectTropical RainforestEmergent LayerCanopyBirds of the CanopyThe SlothMonkeys of the CanopyThe UnderstoryRainforest FloorRainforest Biome ProjectThe GrasslandSavannah GrassesAcacia TreesThe ElephantSavannah AnimalsGrassland Biome ProjectThe Image of GodStewardshipReview

Applied Engineering: Studies of God's Design in Nature SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

Explore the intersection of science and Godís blueprints for life in this fascinating science course! In Applied Engineering, students will explore examples of Godís incredible design in nature and discover how His design has inspired man-made designs for batteries, human organ repair, microlenses, automotive engineering, paint, and even credit card security!Through exciting books, engaging worksheets, and hands-on activities, students will explore the exciting field of biomimicry and the very frontiers of science where researchers are studying the design of Godís world to create extraordinary breakthroughs that benefit our health, lives, and efficiency!

Price: $29.99

Art Adventure - Super Value SetFeatured

Author: N/A

Publisher: Royal & Langnickel

Item #: L250

Start your Art Adventureģ with this 9 project box set of Royal & Langnickel's most popular products. Each box contains 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" Engraving Artô designs, Painting by Numbersô designs and Colour Pencil by Numbersô designs.Package Contents-14 Paint Pots-10 Color Pencils-9 Preprinted Artist Boards-3 Practice Sheets-2 Numbered Transparency Overlay-3 Practice Pieces-2 Taklon Brushes-1 Scrapecutter-1 Sharpener-1 18-Well Palette-1 Instruction Sheet

Awesome Science: Historical Geology SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Master Books

Explore the geologic marvels of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, Dinosaur National Monument, and more in this fascinating Jr High science course as your student discovers how science and geology confirm the Bible! In Awesome Science: Historical Geology, students in grades 7 - 8 will experience a visually stunning exploration of geologic features around the world as they discover the authority and historical evidence of the Bibleís truth through science!


Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Richness of the Reformed Faith FeaturedNew

Author: David Hagopian

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K610

Limited copies at the special price!This book is a call to rediscover the richness of the Reformed faith. Dr. Sproul wrote the forward. Douglas Wilson, Douglas M. Jones III, and Roger Wagner are contributors along with David G. Hagopian, who also edited this volume. The format includes an introduction to each section, study questions after each section, an extensive bibliography, and a Scripture index.


Billy and Blaze - Box SetFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: N520

Limited Quantities Nine books of the beloved Billy and Blaze series from C.W. Anderson are now available together in a collectible boxed set!-In Billy and Blaze, Billy gets his very own horse for his birthday! They make a great team, but are they good enough to win the silver cup at the Mason Horse Show?-In Blaze and the Forest Fire, Billy and Blaze spot smoke in the brush, and immediately race around the woods to sound the alarm. At the end of the day, they are rewarded with carrots for Blaze, cake for Billy, and a very special present that they can share.-In Blaze Finds the Trail, Billy and Blaze go exploring a new road. Before they know it, the sky grows dark with a coming storm, and Billy canít figure out how to get out of the woods. Can Blaze find the trail and get them home safely?-In Blaze and Thunderbolt, Billyís friend Jim is unable to tame a wild horse called Thunderbolt. But with their gentle approach, Billy and Blaze may succeed where others have failed.-In Blaze and the Mountain Lion, Billy and Blaze come face to face with a ferocious mountain lion! Fortunately, they are able to chase it into its cave and save a frightened calf. But can Billy and Blaze chase the lion away for good?-In Blaze and the Lost Quarry, Billy and Blaze find an abandoned quarry. But they arenít the only ones who know of itóthey arrive just in time to see a dog fall into the water! Will they be able to save the dog?-In Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony, Billy and Tommy see a small gray spotted pony in a field. Tommy knows immediately that this is the pony of his dreams. Will Tommyís wish come true?-In Blaze Shows the Way, Billy and Blaze show Tommy and his horse, Dusty, how to be as great of a team as they are. Soon, Tommy and Dusty are good enough to enter the pairs jumping class with Billy and Blaze!-In Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads, Billy and Tommy lead their horses down an unfamiliar path and spend the day exploring. But at the end of the day, neither Billy nor Tommy remember how to get back. Can Blaze lead them home?

Building Writers SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Handwriting Without Tears

Our Building Writers workbooks offer extra practice for writing skills development and can be easily incorporated into a writing block as independent writing or as whole group practice to meet your studentsí varying needs. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion.

Price: $139.95

Canada in the 20th Century High School CurriculumFeaturedNew

Author: Donna Ward

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J167

Revisions include updated assignments with a new look, online quizzes, updated easy links, less reliance on textbook, alternate textbook for more choice.This is a multimedia full high school course which includes assignments, answer keys, rubrics, student samples and more. It combines film, text, living books, and web resources for rich content. Assignments contain historical and critical thinking skills. Meets the requirements of Canadian History in most provinces.The course is by default, licensed to one student for 480 days, starting when you first log in. Under special circumstances extensions will be granted if needed.One of the following resources is recommended but not essential.Think History and Counterpoints are high school textbooks and one is recommended to provide academic reading for the course. Both texts are almost identical and by the same secular publisher; Counterpoints has some extra content on global history.-Counterpoints: hardcover.-Think History: hardcover or online etext for tablet or PC.-Canada, An Illustrated History is suitable for students for whom images and interesting narrative is more important than academic reading. Only the last half of the book is pertinent to the course.For the student:You will receive by mail a single student course workbook which includes:-Day by day course outline for easy implementation-Assigned viewing & questions for Canada, A Peopleís History-Assigned online resources including stories, videos and more-Living resource lists including books & dvds-Student online resources available for 480 days after purchase, include:-Assignments with marking rubrics (downloadable)-Essays, Worksheets, Map Skills, Comprehension,-Critical Thinking, Historical Thinking-18 online quiz reviews with answer keys-8 unit tests with answer keys (downloadable)-Final exam with rubric and marking scheme-Online teaching videos including six historical thinking skills-Curated online third-party links are kept current and add interest and valuable contentFor the teacher-Full answer key for student course workbook-Full answer key for all assignments with marking rubrics-Full answer keys for all quizzes and tests with marking rubrics-Final exam with answer key and marking rubric

Price: $99.95

Canada's Natives Long Ago BundleFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: J206

Includes:~Canada's Natives Long AgoTravel to a place of forests and rivers and meet the people of Canada from long ago. Learn the lifestyles of the seven cultural groups of Canadaís first nations. This study include reproducible workpages, project pictures, eye-witness quotes, stories, activities and biographical sketches.~Native Nations Series -In Native Nations of North America, Bobbie Kalmanís looks at the lives of the indigenous peoples of North America. Each book in the series focuses on geographical areas, language groups, important historical events, as well as village life and homes. Some of the books also explain the impact Europeans had on the lives of native peoples. Every step of the research, writing, and editing process has involved native writers and consultants and has been meticulously checked for cultural sensitivities.~Indian Captive - In this classic frontier adventure, Lois Lenski reconstructs the real life story of Mary Jemison, who was captured in a raid as young girl and raised amongst the Seneca Indians. Meticulously researched and illustrated with many detailed drawings, this novel offers an exceptionally vivid and personal portrait of Native American life and customs.

Price: $34.95

Canada, My Country - 8th EditionFeaturedNew

Author: Donna Ward

Publisher: Northwoods Press

Item #: J171

Most suitable for Grades 1-4, but useful for various ages, this easy to use, read-aloud text is a delight for both students and teacher.Lessons require minimal preparation but are packed with content, games and activities. Students will grasp the basics in Canadian geography, both physical and political. Chapters on national symbols, government and Canadian freedoms provide the groundwork for future study.Each lesson includes a reproducible activity worksheet. Children love to search for Bucky the Beaver hiding somewhere on each page. This program is a favourite of many parents and teachers across Canada.Topics include: Understanding maps; Canadaís physical regions; Symbols; Government; Freedoms; Outstanding Canadians-Lessons are clearly outlined-Minimal prep required-Includes stories & games-Resource lists with lessons-Reproducible worksheets now available digitally for original purchasers-IndexThis study requires photos of Canadian landscapes and a physical map.You will be automatically enrolled in the Canada, Country Lite Membership for access to curated third party videos and websites.You will automatically receive downloadable worksheets for students of the original purchaser.

Price: $38.95

Canadian GED Study GuideFeatured

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: B990

Complete Canadian GED(R) study guide, prepared by our dedicated team of exam experts, including practice test questions. Everything you need to pass the Canadian GED(R)!The Canadian GED(R) Study Guide will help you:-Increase your score with multiple choice strategies from exam experts-Practice with 2 complete practice question sets (over 500 questions)-Make an GED(R) study plan and study schedule-Learn what you MUST do in the exam room-Avoid common mistakes on a test-Answer multiple choice questions strategically 2Sets of practice test questions including:-Reading-Mathematics-Algebra-Geometry-Language Arts - Writing-How to write an essay-ScienceIncludes Multiple Choice Strategy!-Powerful multiple choice strategies with practice questions -Learn 15 powerful multiple choice strategies and then practice. -Answer key for all practice questions with extensive commentary including tips, shortcuts and strategies to increase your score! -Tips and strategies not found anywhere else!Hundreds of pages of review and tutorials on all GED topicsGED(R) is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education, who are not in-volved in the production of, and do not endorse this publication.Practice Makes PerfectThe more questions you see, the more likely you are to pass the test. And between our study guide and practice tests, you'll have over 500 practice questions that cover every category. You can fine-tune your knowledge in areas where you feel comfortable and be more efficient in improving your problem areas. Our test has been developed by our dedicated team of experts. All the material in the study guide, including every practice question, is designed to engage the critical thinking skills that are needed to pass the GED(R) Exam. They will not be the exact same questions you'll find on the exam, but they are similar.And like the GED(R) exam, the practice tests are weighted differently so you will be exposed to questions in all areas.Why not do everything you can to get the best score on the GED(R)?

Price: $25.00

Christs Psalms - Our PsalmsFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A530

From the Psalms to your HeartSeasoned pastors speaking from the Psalms to your heart about lifeís struggles and Christís saving grace Ė that about sums up the yearís worth of meditations found in Christís Psalms, Our Psalms Ė Devotional. Whether serving Godís people in a settled church or ministering to new believers on the mission field, the sixteen ministers behind the devotions know the troubles Christians face and how God provides real relief and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ.Our PsalmsChristians everywhere love the Psalms. They have touched the hearts and lives of countless believers for centuries. They speak to both our plights and our prosperity, our gaffes and our gifts. They teach us deep truths and bring us profound comfort. The Psalms give us words to praise our God and pleas to cry out to him in prayer. The Holy Spirit has truly made them to be our Psalms. Each meditation connects a key thought from the psalm to our daily lives and lets us take them over for ourselves.Christís PsalmsBut thereís another dimension to the Psalms. Each also speaks of Christ Jesus in various ways. We may see the outline of Christ in Davidís experiences Ė in his intense suffering and waiting upon God, in his victories and success, in his role as the King who defends and judges. Jesus fulfills all these. We can see the Son of God lifted up on the praises of so many psalms and the One in whom every believer finds ultimate refuge. We also catch glimpses of Christ as our great High Priest and our Prophet who teaches us wisdom from above.Each meditation is an effort to bring out of the psalm some aspect of Christís person or work for us to ponder and wonder at. The emotions we feel and the hard questions we ask in the many trials of life are honestly and skillfully brought forward and then dealt with in the light of Christís own trials Ė and his great work of salvation! The answer to our sin and sorrow is found only and abundantly in Jesus, and each devotion leads us to him.Short & to the PointYou might be wondering: with so much packed in, how long are these pieces? I havenít got that much time! Do not worry: each devotion is 400 words or less Ė no easy feat for us sermon-writing ministers! Two meditations are offered per psalm with the result that often the main Bible reading divides the psalm into two parts (typically up to 12 verses per reading). At times a secondary reading from elsewhere in Scripture is offered for those who wish to read more and reflect further on the subject matter. Each author has chosen one key verse from the psalm and worked out one main thought.The idea is to allow busy individuals and families to take in a focused, Word-based meditation that will feed their souls with the gospel of Christ and still allow them to catch the bus, get to work on time or arrive at soccer before the whistle blows. We hope and pray that our heavenly Father will bless you in this way.Special EventsThere is one more feature of the Devotional that we hope will interest you. At certain times of the year we often commemorate and celebrate the saving works of Christ: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost Day. Many Christians and churches also pay attention to the need for Godís blessing during the planting of the crops (Crops and Labour prayer service), gathering in of the harvest (Thanksgiving Day), and the turning of the New Year of our Lord. Several contributors have worked out a series of psalm-based, Christ-centered meditations that bring each of these topics to light.When a special event is coming up on the calendar, you can prepare to mark it by using the specific meditations found in the back of the Devotional. There are several on each topic so you or your family can read a few over the days leading up to the occasion. It may sound amazing but itís true: the Psalms do speak to all of Christís work and make for thought-provoking, encouraging meditations that direct all glory to our Saviour.

Price: $24.95

Colour Pencil By Numbers Art Activity Set - AnimalsFeaturedNew

Author: N/A

Publisher: Royal & Langnickel

Item #: L252

Some of the most popular designs make up the Royal & Langnickel Colour Pencil by Numbers activity sets, so they are sure to be a hit with your customers. Each kit comes with 4 different designs, tools and detailed instructions, making it easy to work on designs at home or on the go.Color pencils can be an intimidating medium to approach. These kits offer an inexpensive way to practice with them and learn mixing techniques while creating pleasing images that will bolster your confidence. Exactly like a paint by number kit, just fill in the numbered areas with the corresponding color pencil number. In areas with two numbers, use both color pencils and layer. Art Activity Sets contain:-four 8" x 10" preprinted boards-four overlays-ten color pencils-and a pencil sharpener. Sets have an age suggestion of 8+, but note that there are small areas and artists will need to reference the overlay.