For Canadian homeschooling families

A Checklist for Parents Chart Belongs to series: Doorpost Charts

Author: Pam Forster

Publisher: Doorposts

Item #: B900

Class: Wall Chart

Price: $7.95

A series of 26 questions designed to help parents examine themselves in light of God?s Word. Questions cover 6 areas of parental responsibility: love, prayer, instruction, protection, provision, and example. Each question is followed by Scripture verses which explain what God requires of us as parents.

Be brave! Use this checklist to help you:

Evaluate your obedience to God?s instructions for parents
Pinpoint areas of weakness, sin, negligence, or laziness, with the intention of growing toward greater maturity.

Memorize Scripture that will equip you for your job as parent.
Discuss your relationship with your children.
Explain your responsibility to your children.
Pray for direction in your role as parent.
Prepare your teenagers for their future job as parents.

Scripture quotations are taken from the English Standard, King James, and New King James translations. 20 pages.