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Essentials in Writing Level 3 DVD & Workbook Belongs to series: Essentials in Writing

Author: Matthew Stephens

Publisher: Essentials In Writing

Item #: C9903

Level: Grade 3

Class: DVD and Workbook

Price: $86.95

In Level 3, your child will learn: how to write in complete sentences, additional grammar, capitalization/punctuation rules, compose a friendly letter, compose a narrative and descriptive paragraphs (using strong details and a variety of sentence structure), multi-paragraph composition, other forms of written communication, and other topics.


-Review sentences types and making complete sentences
-Capitalization rules: beginning of sentences, names, city/state
-Punctuation rules: period, question mark, & exclamation point, and commas in items in sequence
-Grammar: subject/predicate (both complete and simple), nouns, proper nouns, action verbs, adjectives, pronouns, linking verbs, possessive nouns, subject/verb agreement
-Spelling rules for plural nouns
-Parts of a personal letter & Writing a personal letter
-Parts of a paragraph & Writing a paragraph
-Other forms of written communication: lists/thank you note/invitation
-The writing process (prewrite, draft, revise, edit/publish)
-Use the writing process to compose narrative and descriptive paragraphs
-Revision: word choice (use of a thesaurus), using strong details & a variety of sentence structure in writing
-Poetry (text features/end rhyme and composition)