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Essentials in Writing Level 1 DVD & Workbook Belongs to series: Essentials in Writing

Author: Matthew Stephens

Publisher: Essentials In Writing

Item #: C9901

Level: Grade 1

Class: DVD and Workbook

Price: $86.95

In Level 1, your child will learn: how to use words to make complete sentences, basic grammar, capitalization and punctuation of sentences, compose a friendly letter and a paragraph, and other topics.


-Review Letter Formation and Sounds
-Introduction to Complete Sentences
-Capitalization Rules: Beginning of sentences, names
-Punctuation Rules: period, question mark, & exclamation point
-Basic Grammar: Subject/Predicate, Nouns, Action Verbs
-Parts of a Personal Letter
-Writing a Personal Letter
-Parts of a Paragraph
-Writing a Paragraph
-Other Forms of Written Communication: Lists
-Introduction to Narrative and Descriptive Paragraphs
-Text Features of Poetry

DVD Sample Lesson

Note: It is recommended that students begin first grade AFTER they have a basic understanding of spelling phonetically.