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Chemistry and Physics Science Kit

Publisher: Home Science Tools

Item #: H642

Level: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Class: Materials Kit

Price: $152.95

Contains the equipment to complete the labs for the Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics science curriculum. This curriculum is hands-on and lab intensive. When creating this kit, we omitted many household items required to complete the labs. This kit contains most of the harder-to-find items needed to complete many of the experiments.

Note: This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.

This kit includes the following items
Acetone, 30 ml
Alka-Seltzer tablets, 2/pk
Ball, ping-pong
Balloon set, 9 piece
Bar magnet, 1 ceramic, 2/pk
Battery, 1.5-volt, AA-size, alkaline
Battery, 6 volt, alkaline
Battery, D-size, heavy duty, 2/pack
Brads, brass, 3/8, 100/pk
Bulb holder
Bulb, screw base, 6.3-volt
Cellophane, 3 pack
Chalk (calcium carbonate), doz.
Clay, modeling, 1/4 lb.
Compass, magnetic, 1-1/2 diameter
Cork, size 9
Cup, clear plastic, 9 oz, 3/pack
Cups w/lids, Styrofoam, 8 oz, 5/pk
Food coloring, 4 colors
Graduated cylinder, poly, 25 ml
Iron metal filings, 30 g
LED, red, diffuse type, 5mm
Litmus paper, blue, 100 strips
Litmus paper, red, 100 strips
Magnesium sulfate, 100 g
Magnifying glass, 2 diameter, 3X
Marbles, pack of 15
Nail assortment, 30 pieces
Neodymium disc magnets, 1/2 diameter
Owl pellet probe 6
Potassium nitrate, 30 g
Ring magnet, 1-1/8 OD
Safety gloves, size 7-7.5 small
Safety goggles, child size, splash style
Sand, fine, white, 1 lb.
Sandpaper, 1 sheet medium grit
Sodium tetraborate, 30 g
Spool, wooden , 1 x 3/4
Straw set, 15 pieces
Straw, 0.30 diameter
Thermometer, aluminum back
Tubing, 4.8 mm vinyl, 2' long
Washers, 1 diameter, 5/pack
Wire, bare copper, #24, 25 ft.
Wire, insulated copper, #24, 15 ft.
Yeast, packet