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Essentials Complete Set - Manuscript - Volume 1 Featured

Author: Logic of English

Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E450M

Level: Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

Class: Kit

Price: $298.95

Lessons 1-15 - the first half of Essentials!

A complete set with all the reusable supplements used throughout Essentials and the Teacher's Guide and Workbooks for Lessons 1-15

- Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary
- Differentiated instruction
- Three levels of spelling and vocabulary
- Discovery-based instruction
- Engaging activities
- Meaningful practice
- Scripted lessons
- Extensive helps and teacher tips
- Phonograms
- Spelling Rules
- Parts of Speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
- Efficient vocabulary instruction with prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots

Recommended for

- Ages 8 to adult
- Anyone who wants to learn why English words are -spelled the way they are
- As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 2-6
- Struggling spellers age 8 and up
- Students with dyslexia
- Students continuing from Foundations who are ready to go deeper with the phonograms and rules, build spelling mastery, and learn grammar and new vocabulary concepts

Volume 1 Set
This set includes all the components of Essentials needed to teach the first half of the curriculum - typically a semester to a school year depending on your pace - to one student.

- Essentials Teacher's Guide, Volume 1 - Lessons 1-15
- Essentials Student Workbook, Lessons 1-7
- Essentials Student Workbook, Lessons 8-15
- Spelling Journal
- Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Edition 2
- Spelling Rule Flash Cards, Edition 4
- Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards, Edition 3
- Grammar Flash Cards, Edition 3
- Morpheme Flash Cards, Set 1 (Lessons 1-15)
- Phonogram Game Cards - 1 Bookface deck
- Phonogram Game Cards - 1 Handwriting deck - Manuscript
- Phonogram Game Tiles, Edition 2
- Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
- Spelling Analysis Card

Teaching multiple students?
Each additional student will need:

- Essentials Student Workbooks, Lessons 1-7 and Lessons 8-15
- Spelling Journal (one per student)
- Student Whiteboard (recommended; included in Rhythm of Handwriting Set)
- Phonogram Game Cards (add additional sets if teaching more than four students)
- Optional: Phonogram Game Tiles (one set for every one or two students)

Essentials 16-30
After completing these lessons, continue to Lessons 16-22 and Lessons 23-30 of Essentials. To teach second half of Essentials, you will need to the Teacher's Guide, Workbook, and Morpheme Cards for each set of lessons. The entire curriculum, Lessons 1-30, can then be re-used up to two additional times at a more advanced level of instruction.