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Foundations C-D Complete Set Featured

Author: Logic of English

Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E401

Level: Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1, Grade 2

Class: Kit

Price: $284.95

For children who have completed Foundations B

NEW SET! Now includes Miles and Jax!

Provide your students with a fun, multi-sensory experience learning to read and write that engages their senses, works naturally with their desire to wiggle and play, and lays a strong foundation for reading and writing success.

In addition to the Teacher's Manuals, Student Workbook, and Foundations Readers for levels C and D, this curriculum set includes Knitting Knights, used in Level C; Miles and Jax and Miles and Jax: Master Planners, new phonics-controlled new fiction readers for level C; and Spelling Rule Flash Cards, which are used in Foundations Level D. Add in the reusable resources that you already have from the Foundations A-B Set and the children's literature used in D, and you are ready to continue Foundations!

What is Taught in Foundations C?

-27 new multi-letter phonograms
-Master all 74 basic phonograms (including 47 taught in Foundations A and B)
-12 new spelling rules
-Fun activities develop speed and accuracy
-Practice reading multi-syllable words
-Identify six reasons for a silent final E
-Strengthen reading and spelling skills through spelling analysis
-Read two-syllable words and practice strategies for reading three-syllable words
-Learn the meaning of common affixes such as UN-, -ED, and -ING.
-Develop comprehension strategies for non-fiction texts such as finding the main idea and identifying key words.
-Read and follow simple instructions.
-Read fiction and non-fiction readers with short paragraphs and multi-syllable words.

What is Taught in Foundations D?

-Students read a book, a non-fiction reader, or a chapter from an early chapter book in each lesson
-6 new spelling rules, including suffixing rules
-6 Advanced Phonograms
-Fun activities develop speed and accuracy
-Strengthen reading and spelling fluency through spelling analysis
-Develop comprehension skills for reading fiction and non-fiction texts including inferencing, main idea, sequencing, identifying the elements of a story, and more
-Practice drawing connections between texts
-Beginning composition activities
-Create posters, lists, summaries, letters, and books
-Use morphemes to improve spelling and develop vocabulary

Recommended for

-Ages 5 to 8 (after completing Foundations B)
-As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary and grammar curriculum for Grades 1-2 (after completing Foundations B)
-As a complete language arts curriculum for grades 1-2 (after completing Foundations B)
-Struggling readers
-Students with dyslexia
-Strong early readers ready to learn more about how written English works

Prerequisites for Foundations C-D Set

Foundations B

What is included?

-Foundations C Teacher's Manual
-Foundations C Student Workbook
-Foundations C Readers
-Miles and Jax
-Miles and Jax: Master Planners
-Foundations D Teacher's Manual
-Foundations D Student Workbook
-Foundations D Readers
-Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC
-Spelling Rule Flash Cards - Edition 4

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