For Canadian homeschooling families

Study Guide to the Story Of Canada

Author: Vince Marguis

Item #: J461

Pages: 79

Class: Paperback

Price: $49.95

For grades 7 - 9. This guide contains ten lessons, or units, built around the chapters of The Story of Canada, the core text, which is a survey history of Canada not designed specifically as a classroom textbook, but as a book to be read as a sort of biography of Canada. The book contains no questions or assignments. The study guide, however, provides a guide to each chapter, or unit, with key vocabulary to learn, a summary of the chapter's contents, and a number of activities to choose from to interact with the information and details of interest. The revised study guide now contains answers as well - a benefit that you will appreciate enormously. The focus of the package is the nineteenth century, and the supplementary resources reflect that, particularly in the biographies. A simply excellent course of study for anyone who needs a good overview of our history.