For Canadian homeschooling families

DIVE (Saxon 76, 4th Ed)

Author: David Shormann

Publisher: Saxon Math

Item #: G366

Level: Grade 6

Class: CD-ROM

Price: $77.95

Math 7/6 4th edition is typically used in sixth grade. The DIVE Math 7/6 CD-ROM teaches all 120 Lessons and 10 Investigations step-by-step. Because Saxon uses an incremental teaching approach, each lecture is only 5-10 minutes long. Dr. Shormann builds lesson upon lesson, slowly developing complex concepts from bite-sized lessons that are easy to grasp. Students watch the lecture and take notes, working the practice problems Dr. Shormann presents, and pausing and rewinding as necessary until a concept is understood. If students want additional practice, they can complete the Example problems and Practice Set in the Saxon textbook. After the lesson, students complete the 30-question Problem Set in the Saxon text. While a few problems in the Problem Set come from the new concept, most problems come from previous lessons. Each problem is cross-referenced back to the lesson where it was taught, allowing students to quickly review any concept.

This unique method of spiral review improves critical thinking skills, increases long term retention, and raises standardized test scores. However, this method can be difficult to teach because of the seemingly random presentation of topics. That is why Saxon's founder John Saxon recommended teacher training for all his courses. DIVE CDs provide that teacher, as Dr. Shormann explains how new topics connect to previously learned material, helping students see the "big picture". Also, when a student gets stuck or forgets how to work a problem, they simply click on the DIVE lesson where the concept was originally taught and watch that lesson again. The same can be done when correcting tests. This makes it very easy to fill in any gaps as they show up.