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The Silver Lining: A Practical Guide for Christian GrandmothersNew

Author: Nancy Wilson

Publisher: Canon Press

Item #: A225

At last, a practical, Christian guide for grandmothers -- and for younger women preparing for that stage of life! Since our culture is in love with immaturity, advice written for "older" women can tend to focus on changes: empty nests, new priorities, grown children getting married, etc. But the Bible tells us to focus on the things that don't change: In all seasons of life, God has good works prepared in advance for us to walk in. And whether you're a young woman, married, unmarried, widowed, middle-aged, or a great-grandma, you never quit exercising that faith in Christ.Grandkids and getting older, dinners and hospitality, mentorship and being an "in-law" all come with their own stretches of bumpy road, but faith and joy (and a little of Nancy Wilson's practical advice) go a long way. Women travelling through this season should be thinking in terms of family legacy -- and in terms of eternity -- as they seek godly wisdom, great joy, and a silver-haired crown of glory.

The World's Story SeriesNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

Ancient history is fascinating, but it can be difficult to find material that teaches it from a Christian perspective. Even harder is finding a history curriculum that captivates students. But Angela ODells newly revised curriculum does both! Students will learn all about the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas from a strong Biblical perspective.